Significance of Copper Sulfate

Significance of Copper Sulfate

Copper sulfate is an inorganic compound with chemical formula CuSo4. Pentahydrate is the most common form of copper sulfate, which is bright blue color. Because of this characteristic CuSo4 is also known as blue vitriol and bluestone. It is mainly used in agriculture industry, manufacturing hair dyes and for manufacturing leather products. Read More




Imagine a tire that could heal after being punctured or a rubber band that never snapped. Researchers from the Harvard John A Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have developed a new type of rubber that is as tough as natural rubber but can also self-heal.The research is published in the journal Advanced Materials.Self-healing materials aren’t new — researchers at SEAS have developed self-healing hydrogels, which rely on water to incorporate reversible bonds that can promote healing. Read More

From aerospace and defence to digital dentistry and medical devices, 3D printed parts are used in a variety of industries. Currently, 3D printed parts are very fragile and only used in the prototyping phase of materials or as a toy for display.A doctoral student in the department of materials science and engineering at Texas A&M University has pioneered a countermeasure to transform the landscape of 3D printing today. Read More




Growth in downstream industries, rising construction activities, increasing plastic packaging, and expanding automotive and furniture production to drive global vinyl acetate monomer market through 2026According to a report by TechSci Research, “Global vinyl acetate monomer market by application, by region, competition forecast & opportunities, 2012 – 2026”, the global vinyl acetate monomer market is projected to reach $11.93 billion by 2026. Read More