The Best Kept Secrets About Krypton

The Best Kept Secrets About Krypton

Krypton, symbolised as Kr, is a chemical element of period 4, group 18, with atomic number 36.The name of krypton is derived from a Greek word “Kryptos” which means “the hidden one”. Krypton has a half-life of 10.76 years. Its appearance exhibits a whitish glow in an electric field. Discovery of Krypton:Krypton was discovered by Sir William Ramsay (Scottish chemist) and Morris Tarvers (English chemist) on May 30 1898, in Britain. Read More



Advanced plastics could usher in lighter, cheaper, more energy-efficient product components, including those used in vehicles, LEDs and computers—if only they were better at dissipating heat.A new technique that can change plastic’s molecular structure to help it cast off heat is a promising step in that direction.Developed by a team of University of Michigan (U-M) researchers in materials science and mechanical engineering.  Read More



Paints & coatings have constantly witnessed change to keep up with the industry demands. In an interview, X Arokianathan, Managing Director, Vitech Enviro Systems Pvt Ltd with Chemical Today Magazine talks about this transition and various new technologies that the industry will witness in the future.By Shivani Mody: With the advent of the new generation automobile industry in late 70’s, the Surface Coating Industry started taking shape with new technologies in paint applications. Read More

A fire that broke out at state oil major PetroChina’s plant in northeastern China, one of the country’s largest refineries, has been put out with no reported casualties, state media reported.More than 600 firefighters extinguished the blaze at the plant’s 1.4 million-tonnes-per-annum catalytic cracker just and stayed on the scene to make sure equipment at the refinery remained cool. Read More