Making air, pollution free

In an interview, Shrish Patel, PhD Researcher at Orlov Materials Lab of Stony Brook University with Chemical Today Magazine talks about the ways in which air pollutants can be minimized in the cement industry.Removing air pollutants.The current research is to understand the interaction of nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide with crushed demolished concrete. These interactions facilitate adsorption and conversion of these oxides on the concrete surfaces. Read More

By Debarati Das: The need of the hour for any and every industry is to be faster, accurate and connected. For this, the global industry is unanimously striding towards becoming an integral part of the Industry 4.0 revolution with smart machines, smart operations and smart manufacturing. India too is picking up the momentum to be a part of this change and employing ‘digitalized’ business processes and incorporating Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) in their operations and services.  Read More

By Chad Chichester: A behind-the-scenes look at how Molykote® brand from The Dow Chemical Company is paving the way for innovations in high-temperature automotive and industrial appliance and maintenance applications.The Molykote brand from The Dow Chemical Company has been synonymous with cutting-edge technology in speciality silicone lubricants for nearly 70 years. Read More

3M Company said that it has added 3M 4076 extended wear medical tape to its extensive adhesives portfolio.With this addition, 3M’s medical materials and technologies business has given medical device manufacturers and engineers a long-term wear, the acrylic-based adhesive solution designed to increase patient comfort and provide a strong and reliable bond in challenging applications. Read More