Few things about Acetic acid you must know

Few things about Acetic acid you must know

Acetic acid which is also known as Ethanoic acid is a colorless organic acid with chemicals formula C2H4Ois liquid with strong and distinctive pungent and sour smell. Acetic acid got its name from a word “Acetum”, which is a Latin word for vinegar. Because of its presence in vinegar, it’s mostly well known, as the pungent and sour smell is because of acetic acid in vinegar. Read more



A team of chemists from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Western University in London, Ontario, Canada, have developed a way to process metals without toxic solvents and reagents. Their innovation could help reduce negative environmental impacts of metal extraction from raw materials and electronic scrap. “The system, which also consumes far less energy than conventional techniques, could greatly shrink the environmental impact of producing metals from raw materials or from post-consumer electronics”.Read more


With a powder wetting machine light filler materials such as expanded and expandable Microspheres can be easily inducted and dispersed dust and loss free. This saves cost and can produce products with improved properties. Light filler materials are always applied when it is required to reduce the weight of coatings. In addition, certain light fillers can facilitate the application, shorten drying times, vary the haptics of coated surfaces and cause some matting effect. Read more


Safety is always assigned a high priority, and not just during the production process, but also in transportation. Committed towards safety – reliable and safe transportation and flow of chemical raw materials and products is Saltigo GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of speciality chemicals company LANXESS. In line with the safety aspect, Hermann Korn, head of Logistics at Saltigo, will deliver a lecture focusing on current aspects of load safety at this year’s 5th international conference of the European Safe Logistics Association Read more