Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2017 awarded for imaging molecules of life

The Nobel Prize 2017 in Chemistry is finally revealed. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Chemistry jointly to 3 scientists i.e. Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson for the development of cryo-electron microscopy, which both simplifies and improves the imaging of biomolecules. The announcement was done in Stockholm, Sweden through press-releases. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said that cryo-electron microscopy method has moved biochemistry into a new era. Read more



Calcium carbonate or CaCO3 is one of chemical compound found in the rocks as a mineral calcite and aragonite mostly particularly as a limestone, chalk or a marble. Although the fact that they are available in various forms they are chemically similar but differ physically. They differ in terms of whiteness, thickness, purity and homogeneity. Similar to limestone, calcium carbonate is a biogenic rock, and is more compressed than chalk. Calcium-carbonate is a bristly-crystalline, metamorphic rock alike marble that is formed when chalk or limestone is re-crystallized. Read more 



PPG Industries has launched a new bio-based wall paint based on Royal DSM’s revolutionary Decovery bio-based technology. Sigma Air Pure is a bio-based wall paint with air purification effects, enhances the indoor air climate of homes, offices and schools by removing up to 70 percent of the harmful formaldehyde (CH2O) from the indoor air. The main sources of CH2O emissions are chipboard, fiberboard, furniture, carpeting, glue and interior fabrics. The paint filters the formaldehyde molecules out of the indoor air and neutralizes them. Read more



Ferro Corporation (FOE) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Endeka Group, a global producer of high-value coatings and key raw materials for the ceramic tile market. In a separate transaction, Ferro has also acquired a majority interest in Gardenia Quimica, which also supplies the ceramic tile market. Both privately held companies are headquartered near Ferro’s facilities in Castellon, Spain, a major hub of the worldwide ceramics market. Read more