How technology is empowering sales in chemical industries

How technology is empowering sales in chemical industries

As the world is progressing with an utmost pace, plenty of opportunities get discovered every day in chemical fraternity. Such an immense number of opportunities & wide growth has never been witnessed earlier into the chemical niche. Every corner that deals with chemical have an ocean of opportunities to mint money. Well, the greater are the opportunities; more are the number of hurdles to confront. Read More


 Hair fixative polymers find application in hair styling products such as hair gels, hair creams, hair sprays, hair mousse and various other hair styling products. The global hair fixative polymer market is projected to cross 29,000 metric tons by 2022,” according to recently published TechSci Research report.North America is the largest consumer of hair fixative polymers in the world due to robust demand emanating from the region’s hair services industry. Read More


Sabic said that it will showcase its industry-leading water management resources, technical support services and materials that are helping customers address global industry trends in revitalizing infrastructures and raising operational efficiency.In particular, the company will spotlight its growing portfolio of high-performance engineering resins for the water management industry, extensive application development capabilities, and new predictive engineering services that can enable the industry to solve tough challenges, ranging from optimizing hydrolytic stability and water quality to preventing corrosion and biofouling. Read More


BASF SE has succeeded in developing a semi-crystalline polyamide that allows light to pass through largely unhindered. Ultramid Vision combines very high light transmission with low light scattering. This makes it the world’s first semi-crystalline polyamide for semi-transparent or transparent components in chemically challenging environments. Additionally, the unique polyamide is UV and temperature resistant, scratch-proof as well as suitable for flame-retardant requirements. Read More