Coke, Pepsi to change recipe of best-selling drinks

Coke, Pepsi to change recipe of best-selling drinks

Beverage giants PepsiCo and Coca-Cola have embarked on a big gamble in India by changing the recipes of their best-selling drinks to include stevia, a plant-based natural sweetener. Atlanta-headquartered Coca-Cola may also launch a variant of the country’s largest-selling mango drink Maaza with 30 – 50 percent less sugar, said sources. Pointing to public concern over high sugar content in fizzy drinks, PepsiCo, too, is test-marketing a reformulated low-calorie option of its lemony drink 7UP, while Coke is doing the same with Fanta, the new variant of which includes stevia and around 5 percent orange juice. Read More


In earlier days, just stepping onto the outskirt of the city, you would start seeing plush green agricultural fields spread over acres and acres. But nowadays, this spread has become restricted and is getting positioned in between residential locations. Inspite of the growth in infrastructure, industrialization, IT, manufacturing among others, agriculture continues to form the backbone of the Indian economy. The sector accounts for about 15 percent of the country’s GDP. Thus, it is no surprise that the scope of agrochemicals is set to firm up in the coming years. Read More


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