Distinct Inferences of CFC’s

Distinct Inferences of CFC’s

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are organic compounds that is a hydrocarbons which encompass of carbon, chlorine, and fluorine, formed as volatile byproduct of methane, ethane, and propane. The utmost common symbolic of CFC’s are dichlorodifluoromethane or R-12 or Freon-12. They are utilized for the manufacturing of aerosol sprays, blowing agents used for foams and packing materials, solvents, and also as refrigerants.  Read More


 By Hermann Althoff: According to the United Nations estimates, over 9 billion people will be living on Earth by the year 2050. The amount of arable land needed to feed them, however, will not increase at the same rate. Inexpensive greenhouses made from plastic film represent one way to solve this problem: With the aid of such greenhouses, the output per hectare can be increased considerably.  Read More

Clariant International Ltd introduces a unique label-free surfactant based on 100 percent renewable sunflower oil sourced in Europe – GlucoPure Sense. Announces a new era for renewable surfactants in hand dishwashing liquid (HDWL) detergents. GlucoPure Sense supports HDWL experts in addressing challenges such as irritant labelling, non-tropical ingredient sourcing, and achieving comparable performance to traditional surfactants. Read More


By Debarati Das: India has historically grown on the foundation of agriculture. And over the decades, even though the country has witnessed the rise of industrialization, information technology and various other sectors, agriculture still forms the very backbone and pillar of the country’s growth. And hence, it comes as no surprise that this sector accounts for about 15 percent of the country’s GDP. Read More