Role of Alcohol in general chemistry

Role of Alcohol in general chemistry

An alcohol is an organic compound wherein the hydroxyl functional group (–OH) is bound to a saturated carbon atom. For a compound to be an alcohol it must be an oxygen hydrogen group (-OH) or of a hydroxyl group. Alcohol is an organic compound that comes in numerous varied forms or structures. Alcohols can also be considered as organic derivative of water in where one of the hydrogen atoms has been substituted by an alkyl group. Read more


One of the furthermost mystery that have confronted by the scientists in recent times is how it is probable for chemical structures to become biological systems. Scientists have many theories regarding how chemistry eventually turned into biology, but no conclusive theories. A new study published in the journal Nature Chemistry may have succeeded in identifying a critical compound for the transition between chemistry to biology that was responsible for the beginning of life, a “missing link” in the study of chemistry.Read more


A world liberated from poisonous and toxic chemicals is possible. And it’s in our hands. The op-ed by the Director of Navdanya International, the organisation that protects nature, the Earth’s biodiversity and people’s rights to seeds and food. Corporations are putting our lives and our environment at risk through a growing and improper influence over institutions, whose responsibility should be, instead, protecting people and the planet. Read more