Micro reaction Technology – for miniaturization of chemical reaction systems

Micro reaction Technology – for miniaturization of chemical reaction systems


In recent times chemical compounds need greater speed in the discovery process, which requires advanced automation. But majority of the current reactions are still performed by applying conventional techniques and apparatus. This has led to severe impact on the scale-up process. With recent advances in chemical reaction technology, sub-millimetre/sub-millilitre sized micro structured reactors, mixers and other micro process components have been developed. Read More


ROIL Ltd has introduced PrimAg conductivity reference solutions for the calibration of conductivity meters, further extending the comprehensive PrimAg range of certified reference materials (CRMs). Each calibrant or reference solution is supplied with a certificate of calibration detailing its calibrated or measured conductivity, as well as the associated uncertainty traced to ROMIL primary silver. PrimAg is the clear choice when traceability is crucial. ROMIL is the only UK CRM manufacturer accredited to ISO 17025 requirements for calibration..Read More


Evonik Industries said that will offer the entire closed loop precious metal catalysts business from its integrated production site in Dombivli, near Mumbai (India), starting 1 April 2018. On 31 March 2018, Evonik India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, will end its partnership with Ravindra Heraeus Pvt Limited, Udaipur (Rajasthan, India), for contract manufacturing of precious metal catalysts and refining of spent catalysts. The two parties have signed a dissolution agreement to this effect. Read More
Reliance Marcellus II LLC (Reliance) a subsidiary of Reliance Holding USA Inc and Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has completed the sale of its interest in certain upstream assets; which were operated by Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc to BKV Chelsea LLC, an affiliate of Kalnin Ventures.In a transaction was announced on October 2017, in which Reliance agreed to sell its entire working interest in these upstream assets to BKV Chelsea for a purchase consideration of $126 million. Read More

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