Chemical compound Ester: Preparation, Properties, Structure and Occurrence

Esters are compounds that belong to the organic functional group which has and also forms sweet smelling compounds. The formula for ester is generally denoted by RCOOR’, where R and R’ are alkyl groups or an aryl groups that are produced by the reaction of an alcohol and an acid. When it is heated along wth a hydroxide some esters decay to generate soap and glycerin it is known as saponification. Certain fats and oils are mixtures of distinct esters, such as stearin, palmitin and linolein, produced from the alcohol,glycerol and fatty acids. Natural ester occurs in organic acids in fruits and flowers that give a distinguishing odor. Read more


BASF SE and Toda Kogyo Corp (TODA) announced two significant steps to further enhance their collaboration. A strengthening of production capabilities both in US and Japan will help enable e-mobility and generate business opportunities for the two companies. BASF TODA Battery Materials LLC (BTBM), a joint venture between BASF and TODA, has now tripled its high nickel cathode active materials (CAMs) capacity at its Onoda site in Japan. BTBM was established as a BASF-majority-owned joint venture in 2015 to build up production capacity to meet customers’ needs in the rapidly evolving CAMs market. Read more


Albemarle Corporation (ALB) has signed a definitive agreement to sell its polyolefin catalysts and components business to W R Grace & Co (GRA) in a cash transaction valued at approximately $416 million. The organometallics and curatives portions of the performance catalysts solutions business will remain with Albemarle. As part of the transaction, Grace will assume the lease and operations at the product development centre in Baton Rouge, and operations at the Yeosu, South Korea site. Read more


Clariant said that it has released ColourForward 2019, the 13th edition of the annual colour forecasting guide for the plastics industry. In 2019, consumers can be expected to feel increasingly frustrated by complications and distractions that make it difficult to focus long enough to complete even important tasks. They’ll also feel like things that used to be predictable and dependable have gone out of control. Among these confusing and unsettling circumstances, Clariant trend-watchers predict a heightened awareness and appreciation for the unique creativity, intuition and artistry that make people human. Read more