A pill of paradigm change

A pill of paradigm change

In an interview, Kanish Malik, President, Operations, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, with Chemical Today Magazine talks in depth about the revolutionary journey that the pharmaceutical industry is in today.By Shivani Mody.Trends and developments in generic formulations, APIs.Generics still drive the global pharma growth while representing a volume majority (~55 percent).There has been a tremendous rise in competition in the generics space as blockbusters come off the patent protection. Read More


Clariant said that it will increase the global price for selected pigments. The price increases, which come into effect for delivery as of 15th January 2018, will affect dioxazine violet and diarylide pigments:Prices for PV 23 (dioxazine violet) and PO 34 will be increased by 15 percent.Prices for PY 83 will increase by 14 percent, prices for PY 12, PY 13, PY 14, PY 174 and PY 176 will increase by 5 percent.The price increases are driven by higher raw material prices triggered by higher environmental, health and safety costs and lack of availability… Read More


The world will require over 40 percent more water by 2030. Are we ready for it?By Debarati Das: Factually, the earth is made up of 70 percent water. But a miniscule portion of this reserve, about 1 percent is available in the form of fresh water which can be used by humans. However, while this portion of water is in no way increasing, the demand for water is not decreasing either amidst rising population, soaring industrial activities and mounting agricultural needs. Read More


In an interview, Avijit Kumar Mitra, Director Marketing, Nalco Water (India), an Ecolab company, with Chemical Today Magazine  tells that the requirement for water treatment chemical will double in a decade and technologies will keep changing to keep up with the new demands presented to the industry.By Shivani Mody:Technology, innovation trends in water treatment chemicals. The innovation trends are towards overcoming challenges primarily in 3 areas, which are – reduce water usage in various applications, handle varied water qualities that are available and reliability of water supply.  Read More

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