Let there be light

Let there be light

In an interview, Ajay Pisat, Doctoral Candidate, Materials Science and Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University with Chemical Today Magazine talks at length about his research on improving the efficiency of photocatalytic water splitting process on perovskite family.Gregory Rohrer (Department Head and Professor of Materials Science & Engineering) and Paul Salvador (Professor of Materials Science & Engineering) from Carnegie Mellon University. Read More


Borealis and Borouge, leading providers of innovative, value-creating plastics solutions, announce the launch of Anteo™, a new family of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) packaging grades for the global packaging market. Boasting a unique combination of end-use properties for high-performance film applications, Anteo completes the full solution offer for high performance, multilayer flexible packaging applications using Borealis Borstar® Bimodal Terpolymer (BBT) Technology. Read More

In an interview, Niraj Vinayak, Vice President, Oil & Gas and Chemicals, Industrial Automation, ABB India with Chemical Today Magazine delves into ways in which demand for chemicals is forcing industries to adopt automation to enhance operations.By Debarati Das: Global automation trends in chemical industry. The chemical, oil & gas industry has had dependence on automation in most sub-verticals to the extent that it has remained one of the mission-critical equipment for plant operations. Read More

The worldwide quest by researchers to find better, more efficient materials for tomorrow’s solar panels is usually slow and painstaking. Researchers typically must produce lab samples — which are often composed of multiple layers of different materials bonded together — for extensive testing. Now, a team at MIT and other institutions has come up with a way to bypass such expensive and time-consuming fabrication and testing, allowing for a rapid screening of far more variations that would be practical through the traditional approach. Read More