Typical chemical analysis of caffeine

Caffeine is known as world’s most predominant drug, Caffeine (C8H10N4O2) is the general term for trimethylxanthine. The chemical is also recognized as coffeine, theine, mateine, guaranine and methyltheobromine. Naturally it is formed by quite a few plants, which includes coffee beans, guarana, yerba mate, cacao beans, and tea. Caffeine, is a crystallizable substance discovered by Mr.Pierre Jean Robiquet. Read more


Hanwha Total Petrochemical, a 50:50 joint venture between Hanwha Group and Total SA said that it will invest more than $300 million to expand its integrated refining & petrochemicals platform located in Daesan, South Korea. The investment will increase the site’s polyethylene capacity by more than 50 percent to 1.1 million tonnes per year by the end of 2019. This project complements the steam cracker expansion and flexibilisation project announced earlier this year. Read more


BASF SE and LetterOne Group have signed a letter of intent to merge their respective oil and gas businesses in a joint venture (JV), which would operate under the name Wintershall DEA. The oil and gas business of BASF is bundled in the Wintershall Group consisting of Wintershall Holding GmbH and its subsidiaries, including the gas transportation business. The oil and gas business of LetterOne comprises DEA Deutsche Erdol AG and its subsidiaries. Read more


Clariant International Ltd has signed an agreement with Xuzhou HaiDing Chemical Technology Co Ltd, to develop a custom-built Catofin catalyst and propane dehydrogenation (PDH) unit in cooperation with its technology partner Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (CB&I). The project includes the license and engineering design of the unit, which is to be built in Pizhou, Jiangsu Province, China. Read more

Micro reaction Technology – for miniaturization of chemical reaction systems

Micro reaction Technology – for miniaturization of chemical reaction systems

In recent times chemical compounds need greater speed in the discovery process, which requires advanced automation. But majority of the current reactions are still performed by applying conventional techniques and apparatus. This has led to severe impact on the scale-up process. With recent advances in chemical reaction technology, sub-millimetre/sub-millilitre sized micro structured reactors, mixers and other micro process components have been developed. Read more



Mitsui Chemicals, BASF to commercialise new insecticide


Mitsui Chemicals Agro Inc (MCAG) and BASF SE have signed a long-term agreement for the commercialization of Broflanilide, a new insecticide for chewing crop pests and non-crop pests control. This commercialization agreement follows the exclusive global license and development agreement between the two companies that was announced on June 2014. Under the terms of this agreement, MCAG granted BASF exclusive rights to market and sell Broflanilide products in certain markets worldwide, excluding Japan and certain Asian and other countries.  Read more


ExxonMobil to open first Mobil stations in Mexico

ExxonMobil Corporation has partnered with a retailer Grupo Arsan to open eight Mobil-branded service stations in Queretaro as part of the company’s entry in Mexico’s fuels market. ExxonMobil plans to open 50 Mobil stations in the Bajio region by the end of the first quarter of 2018. ExxonMobil is the first company to fully leverage Mexico’s new energy model and provide an integrated product offering along the entire fuels value chain.  Read more



Covestro introduces adhesive raw materials with low monomer

Covestro AG said that it is committed to continually improving the performance and safety of its products, and above all, to setting new standards in industrial hygiene. Through continual improvements to the manufacturing process, Covestro has succeeded in reducing the residual monomer content of free monomeric diisocyanates to under 0.1 percent by weight. Products meeting these requirements can be recognized by the addition of “ultra” to the product designation. Read more



Going Gluten-free with freedom

By Emily Tellers:There are more people than ever suffering from some form of gluten-related health issue – either celiac disease, gluten intolerance or non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS)– all of which can cause digestive discomfort and fatigue. In fact, NCGS is now recognized as a separate condition, where neither allergic nor autoimmune mechanisms are involved.According to a consumer survey, 6 percent of the US population has been diagnosed with NCGS,while 13 percent of the UK population considers themselves to be gluten-sensitive. Read More


Clariant International Ltd has launched a new dedicated 3D printing business to meet the demand of the fast-changing additive manufacturing market for premium and customized 3D printer filaments. Products manufactured using additive manufacturing are often complex end-use parts such as air ducts, drones, lights, and parts for manufacturing equipment. These products can be enhanced with tailored high quality and ready-to-print materials that also withstand the wear and tear of prolonged usage. Read More


Symrise has signed a purchase agreement with Citratus to acquire all shares of Citratus Fragrancias, a producer of fragrances located in Vinhedo, Sao Paulo.Citratus is looking back to 26 years of very successfully serving the Brazilian market for small and medium-sized fragrance customers. It is running a modern development and production facility in the city of Vinhedo.Over the last decades, Citratus has built well-established business relations to fast-growing, local customers in the fragrance industry as well as to important suppliers of natural fragrance raw materials.  Read More

Israel Chemicals Ltd (ICL) has agreed to sell its fire safety and oil additives (P2S5 or phosphorus pentasulfide) business units to SK Capital, for approximately $1 billion.The business is part of ICL Specialty Solutions’ advanced additives business line and has operations in North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.ICL’s major research and development capabilities in speciality chemicals, as well as its ability to identify business opportunities, have transformed the company into a global leader in several core and non-core businesses. Read More

AkzoNobel to expand colloidal silica capacity in Sweden; invests €4 mn

AkzoNobel’s speciality chemicals business said that it is investing more than €4 million to increase production capacity in Sweden for its Levasil CC-branded product line of patented surface modified colloidal silica. The expansion will help meet growing customer demand and will strengthen the company’s market leadership position. A product of two natural ingredients – sand and water – colloidal silica is a versatile product which enhances. Read more


Air Products and Chemicals Inc (APD) said that its new plant in the Pukou Economic Development Zone (PKEDZ), Nanjing, China, has come on-stream to supply ultra-high purity gases to its customer in the park. The facility also provides liquid nitrogen to merchant customers in and around Nanjing. The company announced this investment in new capacity last year. “We are excited to have brought this strategic milestone project on-stream in short lead time to serve both our international customer in PKEDZ. Read more


Rinchem Company Inc, a global chemical logistics provider has completed the acquisition of JS Transportation, a Taiwan-based transportation company. As a global leader in hazardous material supply chain management, Rinchem will benefit from this acquisition by increasing levels of service in the growing Taiwan market. JS Transportation will expand Rinchem’s fleet of trucks in the region. Read more


Westlake Chemical Partners LP (WLKP) said that it has increased the capacity of its existing revolving credit agreement with Westlake Chemical Finance Corporation from $300 million to $600 million.  The facility maturity date is 29 April 2021. The Partnership intends to use the increased availability in the future to acquire additional interests in Westlake Chemical OpCo LP, for other acquisitions and general corporate purposes. Read more 

BASF opens new rice knowledge centre in Philippines

BASF opens new rice knowledge centre in Philippines

BASF SE has inaugurated a new rice knowledge centre at its agricultural research station in Bay, Laguna, Philippines. The new facility centralizes BASF’s global expertise in rice cultivation and supports the delivery of enhanced agronomic and technical support to farmers seeking to increase productivity more sustainably. BASF’s global network of crop protection experts and technical representatives will be able to leverage the rice knowledge centre when providing training, advice and support to growers. Read More


Novozymes has entered into an open innovation collaboration with Grundfos, a global leader in advanced pump technologies.The partnership takes place on HelloScience.io, an online universe launched by Novozymes in where entrepreneurs, startups and others can connect with industry.The two companies embark on their innovation voyage today. Four specific challenges will be posted online, allowing all in the HelloScience community to pitch their ideas on how to secure clean water for more people – and receive sparring, input and assistance from both Novozymes and Grundfos. Read More


Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat, a part of Gazprom Group held an inauguration ceremony marking the start of commercial operations at an acrylic acid and butyl acrylate production plant in Salavat, Republic of Bashkortostan. The ceremony was attended by Valery Golubev, deputy chairman of the Gazprom management committee, Rustem Mardanov, prime minister of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Vladimir Markov, member of the management committee, head of department of Gazprom, and managers of the company’s relevant subdivisions and subsidiaries. Read More

ExxonMobil Corporation said that its chairman and CEO, Darren Woods presented a $50,000 gift to Promise House to assist in its mission of providing critical services to homeless children and teens in Dallas, Texas.Established in 1984, Promise House combats youth homelessness with unique programs that address the needs of homeless, runaway and at-risk youth.The organization provides residential services, including emergency shelter and long-term housing to youth in need. Read More

Injectable gel that helps heart muscle revive after heart attack

In mammals, including humans, the cells that contract the heart muscle and enable it to beat do not regenerate after injury. After a heart attack, there is a dramatic loss of these heart muscle cells and those that survive cannot effectively replicate. With fewer of these contractile cells, known as cardiomyocytes, the heart pumps less blood with each beat, leading to the increased mortality associated with heart disease.Now, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have used mouse models to demonstrate a new approach to restart replication in existing cardiomyocytes.. Read More
Orica has launched its new fertiliser business with plans for a local manufacturing plant for urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) in Moree, New South Wales (NSW), Australia. Orica Agriculture also expects to begin supply of anhydrous ammonia to east coast growers in April next year, with dedicated line haul and on-farm nurse tank fleets. Construction of the UAN plant is scheduled to commence in 2018.These investments will bring increased competition, as well as secure and consistent supply of liquid and gas nitrogen fertiliser, to growers on the east coast of Australia. Read More


Computational fluid dynamics- for chemical reactor design

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is helping to generate millions of dollars of savings in chemical process applications. It gives process engineers a more complete understanding of the internal operation of individual unit operations. As a result, some chemical and process companies are equipping their engineers with CFD software and investing in training to improve efficiencies in fluid flow, heat and mass transfer processes. Read More


Denka Company Limited said that it will globally increase its sales price for polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), which is offered under the brand name of “Denka Poval,” effective from 1 January 2018.The price increase is more than $300 / €230 per metric tonne. This price adjustment is necessary for Denka to maintain a stable supply of PVA products.Read More

New study shows how uranium can replace plastic

New study shows how uranium can replace plastic

Uranium can perform reactions that previously no one thought possible, which could transform the way industry makes bulk chemicals, polymers, and the precursors to new drugs and plastics, according to new findings from The University of Manchester.The chemists have discovered that uranium can perform reactions that used to be the preserve of transition metals such as rhodium and palladium.And because uranium sits between different types of reactivity of lanthanides and transition metals.. Read More


A breakthrough in catalysis research by academics at the Universities of St Andrews and Newcastle could lead to the development of clean diesel engine technology and help combat air pollution.Catalysis is an important process that underpins the chemical industry allowing us to efficiently produce the chemicals that we need. It also allows us to clean-up the pollution that we would otherwise emit into the atmosphere.Catalysts are typically metallic nanoparticles, often platinum group metals that are finely deposited upon a substrate. Read More


Praxair Inc (PX) and GE Aviation has opened a new facility for their PG Technologies business, which specializes in advanced coatings that enable jet engines to withstand higher temperatures and stresses.PG Technologies is a joint venture between Praxair Surface Technologies Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Praxair Inc and GE Aviation.The 300,000 square-foot facility is expected to employ at least 250 people to meet demand for the latest generation of jet engines, including the GE9X and the CFM LEAP. Read More


ExxonMobil Corporation (XOM) said that it will combine its refining and marketing operations into a single company, ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants Company, in the first quarter of 2018.Bryan Milton, currently president of ExxonMobil Fuels, Lubricants & Specialties Marketing Company, has been appointed president of the combined division by ExxonMobil’s board of directors, effective 1 Jan 2018. Read More

BP, Copersucar to form 50-50 ethanol JV in Brazil

BP, Copersucar to form 50-50 ethanol JV in Brazil

BP Biofuels and Copersucar have agreed to form a joint venture (JV) to own and operate a major ethanol storage terminal in Brazil, better and flexibly connecting ethanol production with the country’s main fuels markets.Copersucar is the world’s leading sugar and ethanol trader, with the largest sugar and ethanol storage capacity in Brazil. BP Biofuels, part of BP’s alternative energy business, is a significant producer of ethanol from sugarcane in Brazil. Read More


PPG Industries Inc (PPG) has introduced PPG AQUACRON 834 industrial shop primer, a new water-based primer. This is an ideal product platform for manufacturers or custom coaters who need an economical rust-inhibitive shop primer for steel applications. With volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of only 2.8 pounds per gallon, PPG Aquacron water-based shop primer meets stringent environmental regulations while delivering robust protection in corrosive environments. Read More


Devan Chemicals has launched a new multifunctional antimicrobial brand line. The brand line consists of their well-known, but recently rebranded quat-silane antimicrobial solution, combined with extra features. This enables textile manufacturers to apply multiple functionalities via one single treatment. BI-OME, Devan’s recently rebranded antimicrobial solution, has been launched with interesting extra features.Read More 


AkzoNobel NV (AkzoNobel) said that its shareholders have approved the separation of its speciality chemicals business as part of its strategy to create two focused, high performing businesses; paints and coatings and speciality chemicals. The appointment of new chief financial officer (CEO) Maarten de Vries as a member of the board of management, effective January 1 was also approved, in addition to the appointment of three new members to the AkzoNobel Supervisory Board: Sue Clark, Patrick Thomas, and Michiel Jaski. Read More

An unhealthy sleep – how safe are mosquito coils?

An unhealthy sleep – how safe are mosquito coils?

The annual worldwide consumption of the four major types of residential insecticide products are — aerosols, mosquito coils, liquid vaporizers, and vaporizing mats. Mosquito coils are burned indoors and outdoors in regions like Asia, Africa, and South America. Mosquito coils consist of an insecticide/repellant, organic fillers capable of burning with smoldering, binder, and additives such as synergists, dyes, and fungicide. Read More


Archroma announced its first-ever collaboration with G-Star RAW. G-Star RAW recently introduced a new capsule collection of denim coloured using Archroma’s EarthColors, a range of dyes made from recycled plant waste. Archroma’s EarthColors is a line of patented plant-based dyes, sourced from up to 100 percent renewable resources. Archroma developed EarthColors using non-edible waste products, from agriculture and herbal industries, to replace petroleum-derived raw materials; which are the conventional raw materials used to synthesize dyes currently. Read More


Clariant for the first time in India has introduced its nature-inspired new active ingredients to provide dedicated, customized support for the highly-specialized needs of the personal care industry at the symposium in Delhi. Clariant also highlighted the four new trends with its BeautyForward second edition, that is expected to impact global personal care with inspirational formulations and textures.The active ingredients team presented Eosidin the first solution for indoor pollution control. Read More


Royal DSM NV has launched its latest addition to its Swiss cheese portfolio, DelvoCheese SW-250. Created to answer consumer demand for tasty, ready-to-use Swiss cheese, the new culture delivers excellent flavour, consistent quality, more efficient production and reduced ripening time for mature Emmental-type cheeses. Swiss cheese continues to grow in popularity worldwide, because of the increasing demand for flavoursome, conveniently-packaged processed cheese, with characteristics such as longer shelf life and improved slice ability. Read More