Changing chemistries of changing times

Changing chemistries of changing times

In an interview, Nelson Corda, General Manager of Consumer Specialties at Ashland, Asia Pacific excluding China & Global Sales Director – Home Care & Agro, with Chemical Today magazine talks at length about the cellulose & PVP industry and the ways in which it can transform the way India enjoys food. He also talks about the need for emerging countries to embrace new technology and enable businesses to grow. By Debarati Das :Trends in cellulose ethers, vinyl pyrrolidones market… Read More


In an interview, Harshad Desai, Chairman, All India Plastic Manufacturers’ Association (AIPMA) Seminar Committee with Chemical Today magazine talks at length how plastics can help shape a better life. He also speaks about the dire need for the industry to innovate and be sustainable enough to survive.Desai is also the Co-chairman of AIPMA Technology Centre, Business Advisor at Bloom Seal Packaging Pvt Ltd and Ex-executive Director at Hitech Plast Ltd.By Shivani ModyOpportunity for the plastics industry in India… Read More


In an interview, Ayumu Tagami, PhD student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Fibre and Polymer Technology / Wood Chemistry and Pulp Technology, with Chemical Today magazine talks about his work towards increased use of renewable wood-based resources for a sustainable future.Tagami also works at Nippon Paper Industries Co Ltd as a Research Lab Superintendent.The main purpose of our project is to investigate the correlation between average molecular weight and structural features for kraft lignin fractions extracted by four environmentally friendly chemicals – Ethyl acetate, Ethanol, Methanol and Acetone… Read More

In an interview, Todd Gardner, Vice President, Siemens Process Industries & Drives Division, US, with Chemical Today magazine delves into the ways in which digitization is changing the operational formula of the chemical industry.By Shivani Mody:Digitalization for the chemical industry. The chemical industry continues its drive to optimize the plant and asset lifecycle, gaining operational efficiency to outperform competitors.As with many other industries, the chemical sector is in a transformational phase… Read More