Engineering the future of plastics

Engineering the future of plastics

In an interview, Bert Havenith, Strategy & Intelligence Manager, DSM Engineering Plastics with Chemical Today magazine discusses how engineering plastics is making its way into the future of engineering in various industries.By Shivani Mody :Global trends and development in engineering plastics.Some of the prominent trends in the area of engineering plastics include the increased use of high-performance plastics such as PA46 (Nylon 46), PPA (polyphthalamides), PPS (polyphenylene sulphide), LCP (liquid crystal polymers) & PEEK (polyetheretherketone). Read More


Lanxess AG has unveiled new leather trends for the spring-summer season 2019. The collection presents tanneries with numerous leather samples that reflect the trends in terms of colour, structure, haptics and overall appearance. Lanxess’s leather business unit provides this service twice a year so that leather designers, producers and suppliers can react early to future trends and realize new creative items. Furthermore, tanneries receive relevant formulations and practical advice on processing. Read More


Multi-business entity SRF Ltd has received a green nod for expansion of its speciality chemicals, pesticide and fluorochemicals manufacturing plant at Dahej in Gujarat, which will entail an investment of Rs 4,800 crore, as per the official document.The company wants to increase the production capacity of speciality chemicals, pesticide and fluorochemicals from 1,75,000 tonnes per annum to 5,87,177 tonnes per annum and captive power plant capacity from 25MW to 75 MW at Dahej. Read More


Solvay SA and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation have signed a global partner agreement for three years, raising the group’s opportunity to significantly contribute in accelerating the transition towards a circular economy in the chemicals sector.Solvay will join the Foundation’s eight Global Partners Danone, Google, H&M, Intesa Sanpaolo, NIKE, Inc, Philips, Renault and Unilever, as the only global partner for the chemical sector from 2018 to 2020. Read More