The Science of Ice Cream

The Science of Ice Cream

If you think about an ice cream than it is actually a quite complex and multi-faceted composition. Ice cream need to be solid, still soft, and need to be preferably stay this way while melting slowly.What is ice-cream?Ice cream is a frozen food which is sweet and is typically eaten as a snack or as a dessert. Ice-creams are generally made up of dairy products, such as cream and milk and is then often combined with other ingredients, fruits or flavors.The reasons behind delicate ice cream is conclusively a food chemistry matter. Read More

Asahi Kasei’s fibres & textiles strategic business unit said that it will expand its production capacity for Leona nylon 66 filament in Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan.With exceptional strength, heat resistance, durability, and lightweight, Leona nylon 66 filament are widely used in industrial applications, notably airbags and tire cord for the automotive industry, satisfying rigorous quality requirements.Under the Cs for Tomorrow 2018 medium-term management initiative, Asahi Kasei has identified automotive markets as a focus for expansion in the material sector Read More


Cargill has announced its intent to grow and diversify its product portfolio at its starches and sweeteners plant in Krefeld (Germany) with products such as vegetable wheat protein, specialized industrial wheat starches and advanced biofuel.Transitioning this site from a corn to wheat processing facility allows Cargill to add these products to its product portfolio and help customers address changing consumer needs in terms of nutrition, packaging and sustainable fuel. Read More
AkzoNobel NV announced that customers using its yacht coatings can now take advantage of a new digital tool which offers a wide selection of colours from its industry-leading Awlgrip product range.Building on the existing International and AkzoNobel colour pallets, the new MIXIT tool includes more than 18,000 colours and is larger than any existing offering on the yacht market. Its newly developed cloud interface also means that users have quick and easy access globally. Read More