The exceptional facts about Terbium

The exceptional facts about Terbium

The chemical element terbium is categorised as a lanthanide which is also known for the rare earth metal. It was discovered by Carl Gustaf Mosander in 1843. Terbium is a silvery white metal which is malleable, ductile, and soft that can be cut with a knife. Being the 9th member of the lanthanide series, terbium is a quite electropositive metal which reacts with water, giving rise to hydrogen gas. Terbium is certainly not found in environment as a free element. Read More


Nippon Shokubai Co Ltd said that it will expand the production capacity for functional monomer VEEA, functional polymers EPOCROS and EPOMIN, to meet the strong growth in global demand.VEEA is a low viscosity, high-performance ultraviolet (UV) curable acrylic monomer. The demand for VEEA is increasing especially in Europe/US as a reactive diluent for UV inkjet printing.EPOCROS is a highly reactive polymer with oxazoline-functional monomer as its key material. Read More


Archroma has unveiled the latest addition to its range of highly biodegradable, non-PFC (perfluorinated compound) based durable water repellent protection, the Smartrepel Hydro series.

  • Smartrepel Hydro AM is the latest addition to Archroma’s distinctive non-PFC based durable water repellent protection range
  • New, advanced universal formulation for cotton and synthetic fabrics, ‘boosted’ durability of the effect and smoother processability in application Read More

BASF SE said that it will increase prices for pigments, dyes and preparations by up to 15 percent worldwide.The price increase will affect all market segments, predominantly the coatings, plastics and printing industries.Price adjustments are necessary due to higher raw material prices e.g. for pre-cursers of pigments and dyes, as well as increased costs for regulatory efforts like registration, environmental, health and safety. Read More