Combustion reaction: Types of combustion and combustion fuels

Combustion reaction: Types of combustion and combustion fuels

Combustion reaction or burning is an exothermic redox chemical reaction at a high temperature between a reductant or fuel and an oxidant that produces oxidized, usually gaseous products in the form of heat and light.Types of Combustion:Complete and Incomplete Combustion: 1.Complete combustion: During complete combustion, the reactant burns in oxygen and produces products that are limited. When a hydrocarbon is burnt in oxygen, the reaction yields carbon dioxide and water primarily.Read More


Chevron Corporation (CVX) has made significant oil discovery at the Ballymore prospect in the deepwater US Gulf of Mexico.Ballymore is located in the Mississippi Canyon area of the US Gulf of Mexico, approximately three miles from Chevron’s Blind Faith platform, in water depth of 6,536 feet. The initial Ballymore well-reached total measured depth of 29,194 feet and encountered more than 670 feet net oil pay with excellent reservoir and fluid characteristics.A sidetrack well is currently being drilled to further assess the discovery and begin to define development options. Read More


The global paints and coatings market is forecast to surpass $167 billion by 2022 on account of increasing urbanization and industrialization, according to TechSci Research report, “Global paints and coatings market by technology, by application, by region, competition forecast & opportunities, 2012–2022.Moreover, robust development in infrastructure and automotive sector, especially in major developing countries, is also boosting demand for paints & coatings. Read More


BASF SE said that it will increase prices for wet-end paper chemicals in Europe, Middle East and Africa region (EMEA) by 4 to 12 percent. The price increase is driven by continued increases in cost of raw materials, transportation, and energy.The increase is effective on 1 February 2018.The company offers a complete and customer-centric range of chemicals for the paper and water industry. The paper chemicals portfolio includes dry strength agents, fixing agents, retention and drainage aids, deaerators, flocculants and coagulants for water management. Read More