Magnesium: Properties, production and health benefits

Magnesium: Properties, production and health benefits

Magnesium is a chemical compound with symbol Mg and atomic number 12. Magnesium is the ninth most plentiful element in the universe. In the earth’s crust it is the eighth most common element and fourth most common compound in the earth. Magnesium is the third most abundant compound after sodium and chlorine dissolved in seawater.Chemical Properties: 1.Magnesium is highly flammable notable when it is powdered or shaved into thin strips. Read More


BASF SE has completed the sale of its production site for styrene butadiene dispersions for paper coating in Pischelsdorf, Austria to Synthomer Austria GmbH.Synthomer Austria GmbH, a subsidiary of the British speciality chemicals manufacturer Synthomer plc.The agreed purchase price amounts to €30 million; the 42 employees who work at the Pischelsdorf site have been taken on by Synthomer Austria GmbH.The concentration of the production of paper dispersions in Ludwigshafen and Hamina… Read More


Enterprise Products Partners LP (EPD) said that its operating subsidiary, Enterprise Products Operating LLC (EPO), has priced public offerings of $2.7 billion aggregate principal amount of notes. The notes are comprised of

(i) $750 million principal amount of senior notes due 15 February 2021 (senior notes TT) (ii) $1,250 million principal amount of senior notes due 15 February 2048 (senior notes UU), and (iii) $700 million principal amount of junior subordinated notes due 15 February 2078 (junior subordinated notes F). Read More


BASF SE has commercially launched Boroflex, the latest evolution of its residuum (resid) oil fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalysts for the refining market. Boroflex is based on BASF’s unique boron-based technology (BBT) and is designed to optimize refiners’ bottoms upgrading and distillate yields by providing maximum nickel contamination passivation.Boroflex commercial trials have confirmed its ability to deliver better bottoms upgrading and high distillate yields that increase refiners’ profitability to meet market demand for refined products. Read More