Reinventing the chemical company with digital transformation

Digital transformation has become a part of the fourth and latest industrial revolution. Although many industries are making great strides in digital transformation, the chemical industry has been more a laggard than a leader. However, to remain competitive and explore new opportunities, many chemical companies are using digital technology for smarter manufacturing, stronger customer relationships and faster innovation. Read more


As operations technology (OT) leverages the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with sensors on operating equipment and assets producing an enormous volume of big data, there is a need for improved security, information sharing and data management. This, in turn, is driving an unprecedented convergence with IT. However, organizations are struggling to make use of the data from their OT and IT systems, causing them to miss opportunities to improve asset performance. Read more


Bayer AG and Mitsui Chemicals Agro Inc (MCAG) has signed a license agreement for the development and marketing of quinofumelin, a new fungicide invented by MCAG. Under the terms of this agreement, MCAG has granted Bayer a worldwide exclusive right to develop and commercialize quinofumelin-based products for crop use, except in other selected countries and regions including Japan where MCAG holds exclusive or shares co-exclusive rights with Bayer. Read more


We talk about smart cities, modernization of infrastructure and mega projects that can define the growth of the country. However, the one word that can define the strength of these projects, and at the same time, the failure of these mega structures is – Corrosion. Corrosion is one of the most underestimated factors in any industry today even though it is an issue which effects any and every industry in some way or the other. If not identified and treated on time, it can lead to major disasters. Read more