Thinking beyond milk

Thinking beyond milk

The dairy industry is under bigger threat than ever to keep milk and milk products at the top of every food chart. Some of these trends will change the way milk is perceived. By Debarati Das: The whole concept of a glass of milk being synonymous with ‘health’ and ‘nutrition’ is donning a new definition under the prying eyes of health inspectors across the globe.Milk now comes packaged in an array of shades and forms to fit the dietary regime of this generation – so much so that the latest dairy avatar trending in the market is the ‘milkless milk’. Read More


Eating healthy, eating natural is becoming the mantra for many forcing manufacturers to clean up their products. But the definition of clean label is much broader than just being a ‘no-fat’, ‘no- sugar’ packet. The moniker is more about cleaning up the whole farm to fork journey of every ingredient.By Debarati Das :Almost every packaged food today is being packed with the ‘Clean Label’ formula. Read More


A consortium of companies including Air Liquide SA, AkzoNobel Speciality Chemicals, Enerkem and the Port of Rotterdam has signed a project development agreement covering initial investments in an advanced waste-to-chemistry facility in Rotterdam.The facility will be the first of its kind in Europe to provide a sustainable alternative solution for non-recyclable wastes, converting waste plastics and other mixed wastes into new raw materials.The initial investments, which cover detailed engineering, the setup up of a dedicated joint venture and completing the permitting process, will be worth €9 million. Read More


A mouthwatering low-fat cheese sandwich is the dream of every diet conscious individual. Researchers from the ARC Dairy Innovation Hub have made this dream of low-calorie cheese come true with their double emulsion process.The ARC Dairy Innovation Hub, University of Melbourne, Australia researchers include Dr Thomas Leong, Research Fellow, School of Chemistry; Dr Gregory Martin, Senior Lecturer, Chief Investigator, Department of Chemical Engineering and Professor Muthupandian Ashokkumar, Chief Investigator, School of Chemistry. Read More