Fungal enzymes could hold secret to making renewable energy from wood

Fungal enzymes could hold secret to making renewable energy from wood

An international team of researchers, including scientists from the University of York, has discovered a set of enzymes found in fungi that are capable of breaking down one of the main components of wood.The enzymes could now potentially be used to sustainably convert wood biomass into valuable chemical commodities such as biofuels.As an alternative to coal and oil, wood is increasingly one of the more promising sources of advanced biofuels. However, despite its potential, it is a difficult material to break down. Read More


By Henrik Dyrholm: Following the global financial crash in 2008 there has been a continuous uncertain economic landscape haunting most markets. Trade growth has slowed with many countries continuing to manage high levels of debt and unemployment. In general, shipping is perceived as a good measure of the global economy, so whilst tonnage continued to grow in the period following the financial crisis the decrease in cargoes combined with an oversupply of tonnage has significantly impacted freight rates. Read More


Zinc oxide is incredibly versatile. The speciality chemical plays a crucial role in the manufacture of many everyday products. For example, it is an important processing aid in the rubber processing industry, for exterior coatings, and in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Thanks to their high level of activity, LANXESS zinc oxide products are effective catalysts in the sulfur crosslinking of rubber components, such as conveyor belts or hoses. In addition, they provide excellent UV protection in the formulation of sunscreen products and skin creams. Read More
Today, there is an increasing pressure from consumers, retailers, brand owners, regulators, governments, and non-government organizations for packaging, particularly in helping to reduce waste in the global food supply and in protecting goods for consumers while complying with ever more stringent regulations for food and consumer safety. Brand owners look for new packaging solutions that speak to consumer expectations with distinctive designs, transparency, hygiene, and easy opening.Read More

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