Chemistry queries

1. Where can I find Monopotassium Phosphate online?

You can buy Monopotassium Phosphate in an online portal Find different suppliers of the chemical here: Monopotassium Phosphate


2. What is the use of sodium silicate?
Sodium Silicate is used in cements, passive fire protection, refractories, textile, water treatment,detergents and lumber processing, and automobiles.


3. What happens when you mix KMnO4 with oleic acid?
Oleic acid is converted into dihydroxystearic acid when oxidized in a dilute aqueous solution of KMnO4 (Potassium Permangante).


4. How is the chemical formula for magnesium bicarbonate determined?

The magnesium ion is Mg2+, and the bicarbonate ion is HCO3-. So, magnesium bicarbonate must have two bicarbonate ions: Mg(HCO3)2


5. What will be the pH of sulphur dioxide?

When sulfur dioxide is dissolved in water it forms sulfurous acid. The solution will be acid, and so the pH will be less than 7.


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