Corrosion Technology Forum 2018

A two-day conclave on Corrosion Technology Forum, will focus on corrosion problems in chemical & process industry by galaxy of national & international experts, organized by & the society for surface protective coatings India.

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GBT detection unlocks exploration of ‘aromatic’ interstellar chemistry

Astronomers had a mystery on their hands. No matter where they looked, from inside the Milky Way to distant galaxies, they observed a puzzling glow of infrared light. This faint cosmic light, which presents itself as a series of spikes in the infrared spectrum, had no easily identifiable source. It seemed unrelated to any recognizable cosmic feature, like giant interstellar clouds, star-forming regions, or supernova remnants. It was ubiquitous and a bit baffling. Read more


From cars and bicycles to aeroplanes and space shuttles, manufacturers around the world are trying to make these vehicles lighter, which helps lower fuel use and lessen the environmental footprint. One way that cars, bicycles, aeroplanes and other modes of transportation have become lighter over the last several decades is by using carbon fibre composites. Carbon fibre is five-times stronger than steel, twice as stiff, and substantially lighter, making it the ideal manufacturing material for many parts. Read more


The Linde Group has partnered with Startup Autobahn, an innovation platform powered by Plug and Play at Stuttgart and Singapore hubs, and with Plug and Play’s energy cluster in Sunnyvale, US. Based in Stuttgart, Startup Autobahn connects over 30 start-ups with a host of partners from industry and from the research and scientific community to create Europe’s largest innovation network. Collaboration with Plug and Play’s global network will give Linde much wider access to the extremely dynamic start-up scene, especially in the field of digitalisationRead more


What is Acetone?- History, Properties, Production and Uses

Acetone is an organic element with formula (CH3)2CO. Acetone consists of three carbon, six hydrogen and one oxygen atom. Acetone comes under the categories of ketones, which are organic compounds with a carbonyl group bonded to two hydrocarbon groups. Acetone is a general building block in organic chemistry. In the human body, it is normally present in blood and urine. Read more