Eco-friendly waterborne semiconductor inks using surfactant

A team of researchers at DGIST, led by professor Dae Sung Chung of Energy Science and Engineering has developed a technology to produce environmentally friendly water-borne semiconductor inks using surfactant, which is additives that mix substances of different properties and a component of soap. Polymer semiconductors are carbon compounds showing the electrical properties of semiconductorsRead more


When we talk filtration, the extent and importance of the process is never fully understood. Filters are today used in every aspect of our lives right from the cars that we drive to the air-conditioning in our homes to automotive and hospital applications. Today filters serve different needs, from water, that is the most natural thought when we hear the word filter to oil and air filters that are used in the motors that we drive. Read more


As the global population continues to grow, farmers are tasked with a tall order: They need to get the most out of every acre and, at the same time, reduce the environmental impact caused by their crops. It is, undeniably, an uphill struggle. After all, how are you supposed to make more—with less? And yet The BioAg Alliance, now in its fourth year, is helping the world’s farmers do just that. The Alliance brings together Novozymes’ BioAg operations and capabilities within microbial discovery, development and production with Monsanto’s microbial discovery, advanced biology. Read more


Numerous industrial processes would be inconceivable without heat as an energy carrier. Temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius are even required in many cases. With organic heat transfer fluids like Diphyl, heat can be passed from one station to the next without any being lost. Synthetic organic heat transfer media show their advantages especially at high temperatures, when precision temperature control is imperative, for instance in manufacturing and processing plastics, synthetic fibres and rubber, and in the wood and metal processing industries. Read more 

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