Budget Reactions: What business pioneers have to say

Business leaders and companies are reacting after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the 2018/19 Union Budget. The new budget mainly focuses on funds for agriculture and food processing sector, affordable housing sector, health insurance industry and the textile sector, also launched a health insurance programme for poor. The government is committed towards doubling the farmers’ income by 2022. The agriculture sector in India is likely to perform better in the next few years. Read more


The future growth of the surfactants industry is being registered by the non-ionic surfactants market. A bubble bath or a good lather while you scrub your clothes- surfactants are the key ingredients in your soap that makes all that foam. Not just that. Surfactants also facilitate the removal of dirt by decreasing the surface tension of liquids, and between liquid and a solid. In short, they ‘rinse-off’ all the dirt. Despite various environmental concerns, these surface-active chemicals are found in almost every kind of cleaning agents. Read more


A preliminary decision from a California superior court judge in Los Angeles could affect thousands of coffee shops including Starbucks, 7-Eleven and even local gas station. The shops may have to put up a warning that tells customers there is a possible cancer risk linked to coffee. The court said in a statement that the companies “failed to meet their burden of proof on their Alternative Significant Risk Level affirmative defense” and ruled against them. California keeps a list of chemicals it considers possible causes of cancer. One of them is acrylamide, which is created when coffee beans are roasted. Read more


KSB’s Luxembourg subsidiary SISTO Armaturen SA launched a new double-acting or single-acting pneumatic actuator. It is designed for diaphragm valves used for sterile applications in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries. A special technical feature of the new MD30-MD115 actuator range is that the actuator housing and the valve bonnet are made from a single piece of material. Compared with predecessor models, this design change substantially reduces the actuator’s overall height so that considerably less space is required to accommodate block-bodied multi-port valves. Read more