Time to move beyond ageing assets, there is a new plant in town

Chemical producers face many business challenges – from stiff competition and reduced margins, to limited human capital, regulatory compliance and supply chain digitization. While trying to juggle these challenges they also face the day-to-day realities of dealing with ageing assets and growing support costs. Decades-old chemical plants across the US are working to address a wide range of equipment challenges, including obsolete equipment and unplanned downtime, and limited visibility into critical-asset performance. Read more


The application of water treatment technologies to achieve “minimal liquid discharge” (MLD) or “zero liquid discharge” (ZLD) is increasingly under consideration in today’s water-stressed world. MLD and ZLD are processes that minimize or eliminate the discharge of water or liquids from a plant process. The reasons to implement these processes can be Regulatory, Cost saving from water recycling, and reduction of water discharge costs, Environmental – Increase sustainability of industrial sites in water-stressed regions. Read more


Digital adoption is increasing in chemical companies’ plants as more firms recognize the technologies’ financial and operational value, according to Accenture’s new “Digital Technology in Chemical Plant Operations” survey. Yet, digital technologies are still in the early stages of deployment on the plant floor. That may be changing, however. The survey of 360 chemical executives from 12 countries revealed 80 percent of respondents are investing more, or significantly more, in digital technologies. Read more


The advancements in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, in order to meet the demand for effective ways to fight different diseases, have led to the development of various drug delivery methods – and pharmaceutical aerosols are one of them. Pharmaceutical aerosols are products that contain therapeutically active ingredients and are packaged under pressure, dissolved or suspended in a propellant and are released upon the activation of a suitable valve system. Read more