Thermosafe range for better corrosion protection, less maintenance

Jotun launched a unique Thermosafe range. Thermosafe comprises of five products created to suit specific extreme environments-including temperature ranges from -196 deg C to 1000 deg C, thermal exposure, corrosion, fire, cryogenic spills and heat enabling better corrosion protection and reduced maintenance needs. The Thermosafe range consists of: Jotatemp 250 which provides anticorrosive protection at continuous temperatures up to 250 degrees. Read more


Axalta Coating Systems introduced a new electrical steel coating– Voltatex® 1230 which is a functional coating that is designed to insulate silicon steel sheets of motors and generators in order to prevent the flow of electricity and reduce the eddy current. Electrical steel coatings also serve to increase the shelf life of the required punching tools. Voltatex is a complete range of high-performance varnishes that meet the C3, C5 and C6 insulation classes. Read more


BASF’s Coatings division has launched new product lines in Europe for its Glasurit® and R-M® refinish paint brands that make automotive refinishing more sustainable. They are the world’s first refinish products manufactured according to the certified biomass balance approach, therefore contributing to reduce CO2 emissions. For the biomass balance approach, parts of the fossil resources are replaced by renewable resources. Read more


Praxair Inc (PX) has started to supply hydrogen and nitrogen to Yara Freeport LLC, a world-scale ammonia plant in Freeport, Texas. The plant, which is a joint venture between Yara International and BASF, has a capacity of 750,000 metric tonnes per year. Under the long-term agreement, Praxair supplies approximately 170 million standard cubic feet per day of hydrogen and 2,000 tonnes per day of nitrogen to the plant. Read more