Shell makes final investment decision regarding Vito project

Shell Offshore Inc (Shell), a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc has announced the final investment decision for Vito, a deep-waterdevelopment in US Gulf of Mexico. With a forward-looking, break-even price estimated to be less than $35 per barrel. This decision sets in motion the construction and fabrication of a new, simplified host design and subsea infrastructure. Vito is expected to reach peak production of approximately 100,000 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) per day, which represents a significant contribution to our continued growth in the Gulf of Mexico. Read more


Total SA and Google Cloud have signed an agreement to jointly develop artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. This will be applied to subsurface data analysis for oil and gas exploration and production. The agreement focuses on the development of AI programs that will make it possible to interpret subsurface images, notably from seismic studies (using computer vision technology) and automate the analysis of technical documents (using natural language processing technology). Read more


Albemarle Corporation (ALB) said that it is the primary hydroprocessing catalyst manufacturer for the DuPont IsoTherming hydroprocessing technology, making clean fuels production more cost efficient for refiners. IsoTherming is an innovative hydroprocessing technology that can lower capital and operational costs. Albemarle and DuPont announce their exclusive collaboration in licensing the IsoTherming hydroprocessing technology and providing aftermarket products and services. “We are excited to collaborate with DuPont in supporting the IsoTherming technology. Read more


Everything About Rice Puller and Rice Puller Test

Rice pullers are any antique metal object which has a magical potential of pulling rice grains. Rice pullers are made of copper alloys or iridium element. This type of metals has a natural electric power or magnetic power making them highly valuable. Properties of rice pulling are commonly found in copper and iridium made items like coins, vessels, tumblers, and jewelries. These metals are very rarely found; making it valuable. It has been reported that rice pullers are mostly found in rural areas, remote areas, mostly buried beneath the earth. Read more