Water treatment sector to be biggest driver of biocides market

As per European legislation, a biocide is a microorganism or chemical substance meant to destroy, render harmless, deter or control a harmful organism through either biological or chemical means. Some types of biocides sold in the global biocides market include metallic compounds, halogen compounds, organic acids, organosulfur, phenolics and many others. Biocides are widely used in wood preservation, water treatment, personal care, food & beverages and the paint & coating industry. Read more


Circumventing evolution in cell factories can pave the way for commercializing new biobased chemicals to large-scale. Bioproduction of chemicals using engineered microorganisms is routinely reported, but only a few bioprocesses are functional in the large fermentation volumes that industry requires. For a longer period, the lack of successful scale-up has been one of the most important challenges for engineers to solve, in order to replace oil-derived production with biobased production of chemicals. Read more


The 8th international trade exhibition and conference on analytical laboratory equipment & technology, biotechnology & life sciences and chemical & safety will return again during 12th – 14th September 2018 at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Thailand. Last year Thailand Lab International 2017 welcomed 9,165 trade visitors from 47 countries with 250 top companies from 23 countries, providing 840 business matching services along with various conference streamlines with 2,149 conference delegates and 160 speakers. Read more


Functional flavour refers to the flavours made up of functional ingredients such as coenzyme Q10, spirulina, aloe vera, green barley etc. Functional flavours include ingredients such as nutraceuticals, colours, acids, extracts, essential oils, antioxidants, sugar(s), fortifications, texture related ingredients, sugar substitutes & salt replacers. Functional flavours can be used in the natural state or can be processed for human consumption. Functional flavours have low carbohydrate, low fat and low alcohol. Read more