Corrosion Technology Forum 2018

Corrosion Technology Forum 2018 will be addressing about the Corrosion issues associated with the Chemicals and Process Industry, Chemical Refineries, Petrochemical plants, Automobiles, Aerospace and infrastructure. A panel of national and international experts will be joining to address about corrosion prevention methodologies for various industries for increasing the productivity of chemical plants. Be a part of the event to be aware of various trends to fight against corrosion. Get connected with industry stalwarts to discuss corrosion prevention opportunities in various industries across geographies.

Be the part of Corrosion Technology Forum 2018 On June 7th and 8th in Bengaluru. Find more information of speakers here: Corrosion Technology Forum 2018

Corrosion Technology Forum – Focus on prevention strategies

The Corrosion Technology Forum 2018 – Domain of Corrosion which will be held on 07th & 08th June, will have some of the most experienced and brightest minds in the field of anticorrosion technology. Before the real action begins, here is a sneak peek into the galore of knowledge that the speakers will coat through the two-day conference next month… So, book your dates to get enlightened on anticorrosion technologies by the best in the industry. Maintenance is a part of corrosion management which cannot be eliminated but can be minimized by using better corrosion control technologies. Read more


The chemical sector in the Middle East is likely to perceive stability, amid robust demand for construction chemicals. Spearheading the competition among the firms is Dow Chemical Company that accomplished its merger with DuPont in 2017. The combined entity currently operates as a holding company, called DowDuPont, which leverages its high caliber materials science division to boost sales of construction chemicals. Demand for methyl cellulosics is a primary growth determinant of the construction chemicals industry in the Middle East. Read more


Have you ever wondered if the glass of water you are going to drink is the same as that consumed by a celebrity of yesteryear? Or, if the water you are bathing in is the same used by a thirsty dinosaur several million years ago? It very likely may be, as the water on Earth has stayed mostly the same over several billion years, because of the way the water cycle works. The difference is that the water we use today may contain tiny amounts of manufactured chemicals like pharmaceuticals, personal care products (ingredients from perfumes, and antimicrobial soaps) plasticizers, fire retardants used in furniture, detergents, insect-repellents, contraceptive hormones and even a little bit of caffeine! Read more


A safe and reliable Logistics system is an important aspect of chemical industry. The manufacturing and consumption geography of the chemical industry are mostly separated apart. Therefore the chemical logistic has its part in the efficient, competitive and sustainable market development of the chemical industries. Chemical logistics are generally responsive, supple and adaptable; provide innovative service to respond to market changes rapidly and efficiently. The rising chemical market and shifting of the chemical manufactures from its traditional centers to the developing countries of Asia Pacific and Middle East has boosted the global chemical logistic market over the years. Read more