Today, paints & coatings are used virtually in every structure and nearly every manufactured product, to maintain their appearance, functionality and longevity. The functional aspects have increased over decades.

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BASF inaugurates first construction chemicals plant in Myanmar

BASF has inaugurated its first production plant in East Dagon Township. Myanmar. The state-of-the-art facility will produce high quality, tailor-made concrete admixtures to meet increasing demand for construction chemicals in Myanmar. The new plant is equipped with production units, warehousing facilities and a laboratory for quality control. BASF produces standard and custom-made performance admixtures under the Master Builders Solutions brand, including product lines such as MasterEase, MasterGlenium, MasterRheobuild, MasterPozzolith and MasterKure. Read more


BigRep, a 3D printing company has presented the world’s first 3D-printed, full-scale airless bicycle tire. BigRep Product Designer Marco Mattia Cristofori shared how he used the flexible properties of the company’s new Pro FLEX filament to bring the tire prototype to life. Printed on the BigRep ONE large-scale 3D printer, the tire prototype utilizes the full potential of BigRep’s latest filament: Pro FLEX. What separates the Pro FLEX from other 3D printing filaments is its unique flexible properties, coupled with high-temperature resistance and durability. Read more


Songwon Industrial Co Ltd said that it will introduce the latest addition to its range of antioxidants for fuels and lubricants. Songnox L570 complements Songwon’s broad aminic, phenol, phosphite and thioester antioxidant product range, further extending its breadth and depth. Songnox L570 is manufactured in Songwon’s world-class facility in South Korea, where industry standard aminic (Songnox L670) and phenolic (Songnox L135) antioxidants are already produced, adding further economic value through production efficiency and scale. Read more


Corrosion of reinforced concrete structure with steel rebars is a matter of greatconcern. In RCC structure, reinforced steel bars undergo distress due to embedded steel bars. Though, initially, when steel bars are reinforced, steel does not corrode as the concrete aggregates which consists of oxides of calcium, has alkaline condition (pH between 10-12.5). In this pH range, the steel forms a passive layer and hence does not corrode. However, as the time passes moisture (from rain or high humid conditions) and pollutants such as chlorides (from coastal environment), carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide (urban environment). Read more