UV Offset Inks for Luxury Folding Carton Applications

Sun Chemical has launched a new UV offset ink that was developed to make sophisticated graphics look stunning and vibrant on high-end luxury folding cartons while at the same time providing the longer-term shelf appeal brand owners require. The new ink system, SunCure® Aspire UV, has been formulated to exhibit immense color transparency to help create vivid color graphic effects on metallized, lenticular and holographic board stocks frequently used for pharmaceutical, perfume, liquor, cosmetic and POP applications. Read More



DuPont™ Artistri® Brite P5003 is a fabric pre-treatment product for application onto dark colored cotton t-shirts that enable efficient and consistent printing combined with bright, wash resistant color prints, while Artistri® P5010 is developed for use with white cotton and polyester shirts. P5003 and P5010 offer improved wash fastness, white ink setup productivity and tunnel dry performance. Artistri® Xite S2500 and S3500 dye sublimation inks offers better jetting, image sharpness, intensity of black inks and color saturation when compared to existing solutions. Read More



Creative Materials introduced its new 127-48 series of conductive Inks and coatings that are designed for manufacturing printed electronic circuits on washable textiles. These products have proven to be among the best performing products of their kind in the industry and are able to withstand a minimum of 50 machine wash and heated dryer cycles. Available in several variations, 127-48 inks offer new possibilities for smart textiles, as well as the facility for use in many wearable printed electronics applications. These products are very flexible, resistant to creasing and have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. Read More


By Prasad Pant: The Need For Chemical Management- When we enter a store to buy a garment, the things that immediately grab our attention are its color, style, texture, material, fit and price. We do not bother to check if the garment contains any colors or chemicals or materials that can be harmful to our health or the environment. Nor do we wonder whether the conditions in which the garment has been made have been safe to workers and the environment. The textile manufacturing process uses hundreds of chemicals and colorants from the fiber manufacture/cultivation stage right through spinning, weaving, knitting, processing, garment cut & sew to transportation and retail. Read More

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