Reactors with wide use for pharma API, clean room applications

ASP Chem Equipments reactors are provided with capacity range 100 ltrs to 35000 ltrs. Both GMP, Non GMP types are availble. The material of construction is Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel Alloys, Nickel Alloys, E,G.Hastelloy C 276, Inconel etc. The inside lining offered is halar lining, PVDF lining, rubber lining etc. The important features are the GMP reactors are widely used for pharma API, clean room applications as per design code ASME SEC VIII DIV I, it is provided with mirror finish from 220 grit to 440 grit, smooth welding & flush grinding and insulation with mirror finished s.s cladding. Read More


Thermo Scientific’s new scanning electron microscope (SEM) offers a full range of imaging and analytical options for more complex investigations. The Prisma platform features advanced automation, robust support for analytics; a large, precise and flexible stage; and a wide range of optional accessories. Labs with narrower dedicated needs will value its speed and simplicity, while multi-user, multi-application facilities will appreciate the broad selection of optional imaging detectors and analytical tools available on a single integrated platform. Read More

Kelvion’s robust heat exchangers are designed to withstand the rigors of chemical reactions, enabling critical processes to be completed safely and efficiently. The Heat Exchanger products help to minimize process costs and optimize energy efficiency. K°BLOC units are well suited for liquid-liquid, condensation and evaporation applications such as chemical, petrochemical, oil/gas, pulp and power, vegetable oil, refinery, amines and other oil and gas processes. The safety, technical sophistication and durability of the plate pack is second to none. Read More


MTS Sensors, a division of MTS Systems Corporation announced the expansion of the LP-Series, the next generation of its Level Plus® liquid level transmitters. The new LP-Series features Tank Slayer®, RefineME®, CHAMBERED and SoClean® models. Tank Slayer is complemented by the Level Plus RefineME level transmitter aimed at shorter process tanks in oil refineries, chemical plants and mines. The Level Plus CHAMBERED is especially optimized for incorporation into magnetic level gauge (MLG) systems, such as those found throughout refineries, chemical plants and boilers. Read More