Did you know there exists chemistry behind delicious fluffy cakes?

Did you know there exists chemistry behind delicious fluffy cakes?

A delicious fluffy cake just doesn’t happen by chance. It takes a harmless chemical reaction to make a cake fluffy and light. Baking powder is mixed with an acid to produce carbon dioxide. This gas is harmless when eaten. As it becomes hot in the oven the gas expands and makes bubbles in the cake mixture. This makes the cake rise. When a carbonate (Bi-Carb Soda) is mixed with an acid (vinegar) carbon dioxide gas is produced. Did anyone think about what are the chemicals added to batter and dough to cause them to rise and delicious taste? Read More


ExxonMobil subsidiary XTO Energy Inc has reduced methane emissions from its operations by 9 percent since 2016, demonstrating significant progress in its methane emissions reduction program and other initiatives. Of that amount, a reduction of close to 4 percent, or more than 7,200 metric tons of methane, was achieved through XTO’s voluntary program and other operational improvements, XTO President Sara Ortwein said at the World Gas Conference in Washington. Across ExxonMobil operations, the reduction equates to a 2 percent reduction. Through its continued efforts, XTO will contribute to ExxonMobil’s measures to reduce methane emissions across its worldwide operations by 15 percent by 2020. Read More


Tacmina’s new XPL series pumps are designed to eliminate pulsation and maintain a stable chemical concentration transferring at a continuous flow. Smoothflow XPL Series pumps provide a constant and stable flow, economical to operate and compact size. Advantages include no intrusion of air or leakage, water resistance and no sliding parts, wide range controlling, automatic control system ready, easy disassembly and maintenance, and customization options. The XPL Series pumps are designed for use in nearly any industry and specifically for mixing and blending, filtration, spray drying, coating industries, and in chemical injection and dispersion processes. Read More


BASF said that it will increase prices for bismuth vanadate pigments and preparations based on this chemistry by up to 15 percent worldwide. The price increase will affect several market segments, predominantly the coatings industry. Price adjustments are necessary due to significantly higher raw material prices. Read More