Solving new age textile challenges

Solving new age textile challenges

By Harshad Naik: Innovation is critical to the growth and sustainability of Huntsman’s business and as emerging technologies continue to redefine customer needs, Huntsman remains agile through innovation to meet ever-changing demands in an extremely competitive marketplace. Huntsman has a proven record of scientific and technological innovation and has nearly 5,000 patents (granted and pending), an expanding inventory of products and an increasing presence in worldwide markets. Innovation remains at the forefront of Huntsman business with their world-class research and development (R&D) and technology facilities. Read More

Veramaris, the DSM and Evonik joint venture that will revolutionize aquaculture with its sustainable omega-3 oil from natural marine algae, has celebrated a major milestone in the construction of its new production site in Blair, Nebraska. In the presence of Nebraska Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley, the management of Veramaris and the two parent companies Royal DSM and Evonik, a topping-out ceremony was held on 4 June in Blair, Nebraska. The construction of the $200 million facility is progressing on-time, according to plan. Commercial quantities of algal oil will be ready for delivery in mid-2019. Pilot scale quantities are already being supplied to select feed producers and farmers for market development. Read More

In the last couple of years, the crude oil prices, production and supply has seen many a swing between upward and downward movement. This uncertainty has led to many countries re-thinking their dependence on this liquid gold. Moreover, for any economy, the oil & gas industry has been and will continue to be its lifeline. Any fluctuation in the global markets can have the cascading effect on economies and various industries dependent on it. Is this uncertain environment a wake up call for countries to look for better alternates to meet their energy demands? This situation is also a concern for India, being the third-largest oil consuming nation in the world. Read More

By Shankar Karnik: The Plastic industry in India has been one of the major contributors of growth and development for various sectors such as automotive, construction, electronics etc. Today, the plastic processing sector comprises over 30,000 units involved in producing a variety of items. It has gained notable importance in different spheres of activity with an increasing per capita consumption. India’s plastics consumption is expected to increase from about 12 million metric tonnes per annum (MMTPA) as in 2016 to 20 MMTPA by 2020. India, by that time is expected to deploy about 180,000 machines as opposed to 113,000 in 2016. Read More