Tea tree oil-based coating could fight bacterial infections: Study

Tea tree oil-based coating could fight bacterial infections: Study

James Cook University scientists have discovered a technique to apply natural plant extracts such as tea tree oil as a coating for medical devices, a process which could prevent millions of infections every year. Professor Mohan Jacob, Head of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at JCU, leads a team investigating the problem. He said an increasing number of unplanned surgeries are being performed to fight infections – mostly caused by bacterial activity on medical devices and a subsequent ‘biofilm’ forming on them. “Just in the US, about 17 million new biofilm-related infections are reported annually, leading to approximately 550,000 fatalities each year. Read More

Commander Adil Mohideen, Joint Director, Naval Architecture, Indian Navy in conversation with Debarati Das of Chemical Today TV, during Corrosion Technology Forum 2018 in Bangalore (7th & 8th June). Key corrosion issues in a naval vessel: A naval vessel carries several advanced, state of the art equipment and weapons. These vessels also operate in the harshest environment – ie. seawater and hence corrosion is the most important aspect that we deal with. Major areas of the ship are exposed to seawater. Hence, we need anti-corrosion solutions which will help us spend minimal time on maintenance and give maximum time for the ship to perform its main role, that is the combat activities. Read More

BASF SE and Mazza Innovation has signed an exclusive, long-term supply agreement. The Canadian botanical extractions company will provide BASF with specific plant extracts to develop new solutions for cosmetic applications. Mazza produces the plant extracts using its patented PhytoClean technology. This unique, water-based extraction method concentrates bio-actives in a very eco-friendly way. With this collaboration, BASF will further strengthen its innovative range of plant-derived active ingredients. New extraction processes are an important means of exploring novel high-performance plant-based solutions in areas such as anti-ageingactives… Read More

AkzoNobel NV has opened a new coatings production facility in Kenya, Africa. Located in the capital, Nairobi, the long-term plan is to expand further and use Kenya as a gateway to the whole of East Africa. The site, which produces coil coatings primarily focused on the building sector, also includes warehousing for the company’s marine, protective and powder coatings. The opening ceremony was attended by Franz Makken, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kenya, who emphasized the importance of direct foreign investment in helping to boost local economic development. Read More