Massive diamond cache detected deep in Earth’s interior

There may be more than a quadrillion tons of diamond hidden in the Earth’s interior, according to a new study from MIT and other universities. But the new results are unlikely to set off a diamond rush. The scientists estimate the precious minerals are buried more than 100 miles below the surface, far deeper than any drilling expedition has ever reached. The ultradeep cache may be scattered within cratonic roots — the oldest and most immovable sections of rock that lie beneath the centre of most continental tectonic plates. Read more


Corrosion of steel brackets and piling of additional weight by the Brihanumbai Municipal Corporation led to the partial collapse of a Road Over Bridge (ROB) in Mumbai earlier this month, according to a railway probe report. The preliminary inquiry report by Sushil Chandra, Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS), Western Circle, attributed the mishap to “failure of Railway staff and others” A press note issued by the CRS’ office said the probe found that civic officials allowed extra load on the bridge in the form of various cables, sand, paver blocks and other materials, without the approval of Western Railway (WR). Read more


India is the third-largest oil consuming nation in the world. Is the country feeling the heat of crude imports? Is it time already to look for better alternates to meet our energy demands?  The oil & gas industry is undoubtedly the lifeline of any economy and the slightest fluctuation can have some of the biggest repercussions to various other industries dependent on it. India is the third-largest oil consuming nation in the world and the fourth-largest Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) importer after Japan, South Korea and China. India is expected to be one of the largest contributors to non-OECD petroleum consumption growth globally. Read more


India has asked Oman to cut customs duties on chemical products like dyes to provide greater market access for its goods in that country, the commerce ministry said. Reduction of duties on items like dyes, inorganic and organic chemicals, agrochemicals, cosmetics, glazed ceramic articles, aluminium alloys and tyres used in buses will provide better market access, it said in a statement. “India requested for reduction in customs tariff on Indian chemical products exported to Oman, which is about 5 per cent,” the ministry said. Read more



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