Introducing first hydro lubricant for gears

Introducing first hydro lubricant for gears

Kluber Lubrication with the new hydro lubricants has succeeded in developing homogeneous lubricants using water as a functional constituent, thus making use of the positive effects of water. This approach offers important benefits both in terms of lubricant performance and sustainability. The high-performance lubricant Klubersustain GW 0-460 for industrial gears is the first product from the innovative Hydro Lubricant series. Klübersustain GW 0-460 has been developed especially for high-speed spur, bevel and planetary gears, as its low foaming tendency ensures uninterrupted operation of components. Read More


Schenck Process introduced the new vertical cartridge filter (VCF) that removes industrial dust while incorporating a unique design for handling medium to high air volumes. The new dust collector comes equipped with many time and cost savings features. An easy-to-use cartridge clamp system simplifies replacement of the filter media minimizing maintenance time and lowering overall cost of operation. The filter is also equipped with a smart timer which includes an onboard sensor. This helps in reduced compressed air consumption and greater cartridge life.Read More

Evans Cooling Systems Inc announced the release of Evans TrackWater, designed specifically for pavement racing applications where glycol-based fluids are not allowed. As an authority in engine cooling and creator of the only line of waterless coolants, Evans developed TrackWater coolant with superior corrosion protection and surface tension reduction to provide excellent performance for demanding road racing conditions. The waterless coolants are formulated to continue protecting engines even as temperatures increase. The coolant eliminates corrosion and the stresses of vapour pressure. Read More


Corrosion issues in automotive industry: The Indian automotive industry is growing manifolds. In the next five years, there is an estimate of having 5 million new vehicles on the road. With high end vehicles, there is a demand for longer life shelf of the vehicle. Hence the demand for corrosion resistance in vehicles is increasing. Corrosion technology for automotive industry has new challenges with rising pollution levels, multi-metal technology, new environmental norms, advent of electric vehicle systems, etc. These factors play a major role in the making of next generation high end corrosion protection solutions. Read More

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