Zeon with RIKEN, Yokohama Rubber produce isoprene from biomass

Zeon with RIKEN, Yokohama Rubber produce isoprene from biomass

Zeon Corporation in joint research with RIKEN (a National Research and Development Agency) and Yokohama Rubber Co Ltd has developed a new technology for the efficient and stable production of isoprene monomers (isoprene) from biomass (biotic resources). Isoprene is the raw material for polyisoprene rubber, which is mainly used for automobile tires. Industrial isoprene is currently being produced as a by-product of the naphtha pyrolysis. Development of this new technology will reduce future dependence on petroleum and is expected to contribute to reducing carbon dioxide, widely considered to be a cause of global warming. Read More

LyondellBasell (LYB) and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) corporate to advance the chemical recycling of plastic materials and assist the global efforts towards the circular economy and plastic waste recyclingneeds. The focus of the venture is to develop a new catalyst and process technology to decompose post-consumer plastic waste, such as packaging into monomers for reuse in polymerization processes. Chemical recycling is complementary to mechanical recycling and is able to manage multilayer and hybrid plastic materials, which can’t be easily recovered by mechanical recycling. Read More


Honeywell UOP’s new R-364 Platforming catalyst is been used by Fuji Oil Co Ltd to produce more aromatics for chemical production at its Sodegaura Refinery Tokyo, Japan.  The R-364 catalyst converts naphtha feedstock into aromatics, which are used to make petrochemical compounds, or blended into gasoline to improve its octane rating. The high-activity catalyst features an innovative design that can increase production of a CCR Platforming unit by up to 10 percent. Demand for gasoline in Japan has been declining since reaching a peak in 2004. Japanese refiners such as Fuji Oil have turned to manufacturing higher-value aromatics such as chemical grade benzene and mixed xylenes instead of gasoline. Read More

Nuberg EPC has been awarded a $53 million turnkey project contract by Middle East Chemicals Company Ltd (Midchem), Saudi Arabia. The exclusive agreement covers engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) & lump sum turnkey (LSTK) services and solutions for chloralkali plant and calcium chlorideplant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and will be executed for Saudi Factory for Chlorine and Alkalies (SACHLO), Midchem’s group company. The production capacity will be 60 tpd for chloralkali plant which is an expansion of its previous plant of 60 tpd making it a total of 120 tpd, and 150 tpd for calcium chloride plant. The chemical project is Midchem’s second alliance with Nuberg EPC after successful commissioning of its 60 tpd greenfield chloralkali plant designed and delivered for SACHLO in 2012. Read More

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