Bostik completes acquisition of Nitta Gelatin’s industrial adhesives

Bostik, an Arkema company has completed the acquisition of the industrial adhesives of Nitta Gelatin Inc by the Bostik-Nitta joint-venture in Japan. This acquisition, which will be complemented by the construction of a new adhesives plant in Japan, will help Bostik to step up its development particularly in the fast-growing nonwoven markets for hygiene applications and in the packaging, labelling, transportation and electronics industrial markets. Arkema is thus actively pursuing its strategy to develop its adhesives, which represent one of the major drivers of its long-term growth. Read More


AkzoNobel NV has introduced the Pevicoat paint management system, which empowers customers to create coatings of any gloss or colour on the spot. Providing fast and flexible service to our customers in the pre-coated metal industry. To be competitive in today’s evolving market, pre-coated metal manufacturers must be capable of quickly producing to order. However, they face challenges when it comes to producing small and large batches of different coatings in a variety of colours. The Pevicoat system solves these challenges with a device placed beside the production line, which produces any coating necessary right away – saving both time and cost. Read More

Ascend Performance Materials has purchased Britannia Techno Polymer (BTP), an engineering plastics compounder based in the Netherlands. The acquisition provides Ascend with a leading engineering plastics manufacturing base in Europe and an expansion of its growing portfolio of proprietary compounds. BTP was founded in 2006 by Andrew Leigh. The company is an engineering thermoplastic compounding and tolling company specializing in the production of proprietary nylon compounds. Its certifications include ISO 9001 and TS 16949. BTP’s employees will transition immediately to Ascend. Leigh will join Ascend’s global management team as director of compounding technology. Read More

Honeywell UOP technologies are used by Jizzakh Petroleum JV LLC to build a new refinery capable of processing 5 million tons per year of crude oil to produce clean-burning gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. The refinery is being built in the Jizzakh region of Eastern Uzbekistan. Honeywell UOP will provide licensing and basic engineering design services to Jizzakh Petroleum for CCR Platforming, Par-Isom, Distillate Unionfining, Unicracking and Merox processes. When completed, the refinery will produce 3.7 million tons per year of Euro V-quality motor fuels, 700,000 tons per year aviation fuel and 500,000 tons per year of other products, including LPG and bitumen. Read More