Valve islands for drinking water, process water treatment

Water treatment is a challenging process, not just for supplying drinking water but also in terms of treating process water, eg in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. For application in filtration processes, for instance ion exchange or reverse-osmosis, the valve islands offer various advantages. The valve islands AirLINE (Type 8652) and AirLINE SP (Type 8647) offer numerous adjustable monitoring and diagnostic functions, which improve system availability and process reliability, while at the same time enabling preventive maintenance. Read More


Trinseo (TSE) has celebrated the 30th anniversary of its latex production plant in Hamina, Finland. Founded in 1988, Hamina latex binders manufacturing plant provides customers with a broad line of products for paper and board, carpet and textiles, as well as the performance latex market. Trinseo’s Hamina latex binders production plant expects continued growth due to its unique latex heritage and renowned industry leadership in the region. It is able to produce and deliver products for a wide variety of industries, including adhesives, construction, and functional nonwovens, and has been positioned itself as strategic partner for its customers. Read More

Thornhill Heat Exchangers has announced a restructure as it celebrates its 30th year in business. A restructure that sees clearer divisions between its specialist areas under a new company, Thornhill Group Ltd. Thornhill Group’s customers will benefit from the significant support its investors are making to push forward Thornhill’s plans for enhancing the high-quality products and responsive services that it is renowned for. Thornhill Group comprises three operating divisions: Thornhill Engineering Services Ltd – Designs and manufactures large heat exchangers and provides on-site servicing backed by in-house heat exchanger service, repair and refurbishment facilities. Read More

Sabic is investing in new applications and methods of collaboration to innovate across the industry value chain, contributing to Saudi Vision 2030. As part of this investment in the future, Sabic’s Specialties business said that it is accelerating the development of disruptive solutions to create end-user market pull by engaging with Nottingham Spirk, a business innovation and product design firm based in Cleveland, US. This relationship brings together the benefits of Sabic’s proprietary speciality thermoplastic offerings and Nottingham Spirk’s award-winning capabilities to design and commercialize breakthrough products across multiple industrial verticals. Read More