AkzoNobel unveils 2019 colour of the year: Spiced Honey

AkzoNobel NV has unveiled Spiced Honey as the colour of the year for 2019. The shade was selected following expert research into global trends, insights and consumer behaviour. Perfectly capturing this year’s theme, “Let the light in”, the warm amber tone is being marketed under well-known decorative paints brands such as Dulux, Coral, Levis and Flexa. It’s a versatile and contemporary choice, complementing a wide variety of lifestyle and interior design preferences. It also expresses the new sense of optimism felt throughout the global trend research which was carried out. Trend research is a vital part of identifying the colour of the year and it plays a big role in helping AkzoNobel to meet the needs of its customers around the world. Read More

BP Plc has successfully installed plant operations advisor (POA), a cloud-based advanced analytics solution developed with Baker Hughes, a GE company, across all four of its operated production platforms in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. The announcement comes after an initial deployment of POA proved the technology could help prevent unplanned downtime at BP’s Atlantis platform in the Gulf. The technology has now been successfully installed and tested at BP’s Thunder Horse, Na Kika and Mad Dog platforms – and it will continue to be deployed to more than 30 of BP’s upstream assets across the globe. POA helps engineers manage the performance of BP’s offshore assets by further ensuring that assets operate within safe operating limits to reduce unplanned downtime. Read More

LyondellBasell (LYB) and its joint venture partner Covestro has started a large investment project at their site in Maasvlakte-Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The circular steam project incorporates an innovative technology into the existing production plant to convert its water-based waste into energy. The new installation will take the site’s existing production process to a higher level of efficiency and sustainability, resulting in an overall annual reduction of ca. 140,000 metric tons CO2 emissions, 0.9 Petajoule of energy and avoiding the release of 11 million kilograms of salt residue into the surface water. The project is an important contribution to the Dutch government’s CO2 reduction targets. Read More

Yara International has signed a deal with Vard worth appr NOK 250 million to build the world’s first autonomous and electric container vessel. Vard will deliver Yara Birkeland for launch in early 2020, and the vessel will gradually move from manned operation to fully autonomous operation by 2022. In May 2017, Yara and technology company Kongsberg announced a partnership to build the world’s first autonomous, electric container vessel. Replacing 40,000 truck journeys a year, Yara Birkeland will reduce NOx and CO2 emissions and improve road safety in a densely populated urban area. Now the shipyard has been selected and construction will begin. Read More