E-mobility: Exploring electric vehicles’ potential for chemical manufacturers

Growing prices of conventional fuel and environmental impact of petroleum-based transport is encouraging people to search for low-cost mobility alternatives. Prominently people are exploring the use of electric vehicles (EVs). Electric Vehicles vary from fossil fuel-powered vehicles. The electricity consumed can be generated from a wide range of sources, including fossil fuels, nuclear power and renewable sources such as tidal power, solar power and wind power or any combination of those. The carbon footprint and other emissions of electric vehicles are much lesser than the diesel-powered vehicles. Most electric vehicles use lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ions or LIBs). Read More

A cost-effective and eco-friendly method of removing paan stains from roads, railway stations and monuments recently won a team of eight girls from Ramnarain Ruia College, Matunga, recognition on an international platform. The team not only won a gold medal at the Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) 2018 held in Boston, US, but was also the only undergraduate college among the 300 global teams to get a prize for best integrated human practices. Inspired by the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan, the students set out to find an environment-friendly solution to wipe off stubborn paan stains from public spaces. Read More

Hexaflex has developed a patented padding technology based on hexagonal-pyramidal shapes moulded with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) from Kraiburg TPE. The TPE compound from Kraiburg TPE provides the flexibility, lightweight and full articulation characteristics of the modular system that lends itself to a myriad of shock and vibration absorbing applications. In a first application, the creative technology is used for a dorsal protection product covered with high-strength aromatic polyamide stretch fabric for bikers and motorcyclists. The lightweight material combination acts as a second skin, and the Hexaflex padding with its interlocking shapes in Thermolast K… Read More

Floor Cleaner: Types and Chemistry

Our floors are designed to withstand a variety of elements from furniture movement, pet movement, heavy foot traffic to kids’ activities. Moreover, we invest a small fortune on floors during the interior work of our homes. Therefore, we would want to take good care of them so that they last for a long time. Floor management is a broad affair which is employed not only at our homes, but also in industries, institutions and commercial places. Floors require daily cleaning due the quick buildup of grime, dirt, spills, mud and more. They must be kept clean so that they are aesthetic and at the same time free from the accumulation and spread of germs and debris through the rest of the place. Read More