Trends in the Chemical Industry

Trends in the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is very dynamic which will continue to change rapidly in the coming years. Companies related to the chemical industry must adapt swiftly to overcome challenges, maintain a competitive edge and grasp new market opportunities. The convergence of new trends is creating a perfect outburst for the chemical industry, challenging the previous generation’s strategies of companies. In chemical business nowadays, factors such as intellectual property, customer and feedstock proximity and technology know-how no longer assure a sustainable competitive advantage. Read More

Ajinomoto Co Inc said that it is constructing a new production line at its Tokai Plant for amino acid-based surfactants (flakes), mainstay products of its personal care ingredients businesses The operation will start in December 2018. As a result, Ajinomoto’s overall production capacity for flakes will increase approximately 70 percent, enabling it to meet rapidly growing demand for amino acid-based surfactants and to strengthen its supply system. Currently, Ajinomoto produces and globally supplies a diverse range of amino acid-based surfactants, including glycine-derived Amilite and glutamic acid-derived Amisoft, in the three forms of liquid, powder and flakes. Read More

Buckman has selected Univar Inc to serve as its distributor in the lubricant and metalworking markets. Products include its full range of microbicides, deposit control products, dispersing agents and high-performance additives in US and Canada.  Buckman selected Univar due to its large-scale distribution capabilities, leading supply chain network and innovative digital technologies. Buckman offers top quality, effectiveness and value along with an industry-leading portfolio of microbicides, deposit control and dispersing agents, emulsion breakers, enzymatic solutions, heavy metal precipitants, and defoamers. Read More

The Linde Group has been awarded a contract from Inner Mongolia Huineng Coal Chemical Co Ltd to supply a mid-scale LNG plant near Beinichuan in Inner Mongolia, China. This will be Linde’s seventh and largest LNG plant to date in China and is in response to growing demand from customers in China. Linde’s Engineering division will be responsible for engineering, procurement and site services for the LNG plant with a nameplate capacity of 750,000 tons of liquefied natural gas per annum. The plant’s technology is based on Linde’s proprietary LIMUM(R) process, a multi-stage mixed refrigerant process that provides best-in-class energy efficiency, and proprietary core cryogenic heat exchangers. Read More

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