Making in India: The manufacturing story

Making in India: The manufacturing story

Mobil safeguards equipment life; helps PPAP Automotive achieve ‘maximum productivity’ goals. Switching to Mobil saves automotive manufacturer Rs.12.30 lakh annually. The manufacturing industry in India has poignantly grown over the decades, witnessing a series of transitions through the socio-economic and political corridors of the country. Turning a corner after liberalization in the early-90s, the Indian manufacturing industry is today a globally competitive behemoth, powered by solid capacity expansions and multidisciplinary investments. Strong domestic demand, a growing middle class and a high rate of return on investments are among the factors that make India a credible manufacturing investment destination.  Read More

Thermo Scientific ISQ EM system offers a robust, easy-to-use and reliable solution for both novice and expert users. Chromatographers can now benefit from a single quadrupole mass spectrometer for challenging mass confirmation analyses. ThermoFisher Scientific designed this for high performance and productivity standards in laboratories. The system offers the power to detect and quantify small and large molecules, supporting analytical needs across an extensive range of applications. The system’s high-performing ionization probes facilitate the measurement of polar and non-polar analytes, enabling application flexibility. Read More

It is time for a sea change in strategy. The life sciences industry’s commitment to digital transformation is increasing, but few organizations are digitally maturing.  Here’s how companies can take an enterprise wide approach to digital transformation. As is true for most industries, digital transformation is no longer a buzzword, but a strategic imperative for life sciences companies. While first movers would likely gain a competitive advantage, all of today’s companies risk falling behind their competitors in delivering across all elements of the value chain if their strategies are limited to a few pilots and experiments. Life sciences companies have been fast followers in adopting new technologies… Read More

Asynt introduced new DrySyn inserts that enables scientists to heat reactions. In addition, the company has introduced the ADS2-2 DrySyn MAXI stand-alone 2L base for laboratories wanting to heat larger scale flask-based reactions and the DrySyn SuperMAXI 4L insert for use with the SuperMAXI 5L base. DrySyn is made of chemically resistant anodized aluminium. The DrySyn range of heating blocks offers excellent visibility and heating performance, without the inherent risks and mess of an oil bath. DrySyn heating blocks help you create more efficient and sustainable working environment. Read More