nitrogen, oxygen, soda ash, sodium carbonate, Chlorine

Interesting facts about nitrogen element

Nitrogen is a chemical element and it can be represented as N and atomic number of 7. In normal conditions nitrogen is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. Nitrogen makes up around 78 per cent in our surrounding atmosphere… Read more

The origin and geological history of oxygen

Oxygen is the third most profusely found element in the universe. It is naturally found in the sun and plays a significant role in the carbon cycle. Being the primary member of Group 16 of the periodic table, oxygen is a chemically active element… Read more

Great significances of oxygen

Oxygen is shipped as a non liquefied gas at pressures of 2000 psig (138 bar) or above, also as a cryogenic liquid at pressures and temperatures below 200 psig (13.8 bar) and -2320F (-146.50C)… Read more


Interesting facts about Soda ash / Washing soda / Sodium carbonate

Sodium carbonate is the chemical name for soda ash and washing soda. Major source of soda ash is trona ore. Sodium carbonate occurs naturally in arid regions. It is found in the form of deposits on locations where lakes evaporate… Read more

Chlorine role in day to day life

Chlorine is the most abundant member of the halogen family of periodic table elements. Chlorine is an important chemical in our day-to-day life. Chlorine is a clear amber-colored liquid about 1.5 times heavier than water. .. Read more


Diamond without pressure, cancer treatment, quantum technology, targeted drug delivery

Diamond sheet may be obtained without pressure

Perfect sheets of diamond a few atoms thick appear to be possible even without the big squeeze that makes natural gems. Extremely thin film of diamond that has all of diamond’s superior semiconducting and thermal properties…. Read more

New promising compound for cancer treatment

Researcher at RMIT University have synthesized a promising compound for cancer treatment. Researcher have demonstrated potent activity against several leukaemia cell lines… Read more

Towards new quantum technology from defects in diamond

New research shows that a remarkable defect in synthetic diamond produced by chemical vapor deposition allows researchers to measure, witness, and potentially manipulate electrons in a manner that could lead to new quantum technology… Read more

New promising approach to targeted drug delivery

Many of today’s therapeutic drugs cause potential side effects.cientists are reporting progress on a new tailored approach to deliver medicine in a much more targeted way…. Read more

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Nanoparticles risk on lungs, efficient solar cells, pathogen screening, Hemp oil benefits

Potential risks of nanoparticles on lungs

Nanoparticles finds a wide range of applications,but this influx of nanotechnology is not without risks. Researchers systematically studying the effects of transition metal oxide nanoparticles on human lung cells… Read more

Towards new material for more efficient solar cells

Researchers from University of Houston and the University of Montreal, with their new theoretical model, have found the key that would develop better materials for solar cells… Read more


New promising method of pathogen screening

Better bacterial detection of meats will reduce food poisoning. Researchers are developing a faster method to catch unwanted microbes before they can make people sick… Read more


Hemp oil to have potential health benefits, finds new study

Hemp, derived from low-hallucinogenic varieties of cannabis, is making a comeback, not just as a source of fibre for textiles, but also as a crop packed with oils that have potential health benefits… Read more