Discovering new chemical equations

Be it medicine, agriculture or addressing environmental issues, the chemical industry is constantly trying to find a better combination of formulae to bring in a significant change to the society. Laboratory chemicals is becoming more and more important to the industry with rejuvenated boost for research. The future of the world’s dynamics heavily depends on innovation. Every country, every company and every scientist today, is aiming to develop path-breaking technologies, medicines and innovative researchers that will change the course of science and unveil new solutions. Read m0re


India boasts of being the third largest pharmaceutical industry in the world exporting pharma products to over 200 countries and aiming to become a $55 billion industry by 2020.  The galore of opportunity that is currently unfolding can take Indian pharmaceutical industry to new heights. There are several drugs that are going off patent by 2020 and if Indian companies innovate and develop new drugs, they can capture a huge chunk of the global industry. However, one of the biggest hurdles faced by the Indian pharmaceutical industry today is to comply with various foreign regulations  Read more


PPG Industries Inc (PPG) has entered into a partnership with SiNode Systems Inc, to accelerate the commercialization of high-energy anode materials for advanced battery applications in electric vehicles. The 30-month project will enable the partners to rapidly develop and demonstrate anode materials that will store more energy than conventional lithium-ion battery materials, enabling electric vehicles to travel farther on a single charge or to have a lighter-weight battery. Read more


Aegion Corporation said that David Martin has resigned his positions as executive vice president and chief financial officer (CFO) of the company. The company further announced that David Morris has been appointed as the company’s interim CFO to serve until a permanent chief financial officer is hired. The company intends to consider both internal and external candidates in its search for a permanent CFO. Read more

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