Chemistry of fear!

Chemistry of fear!

It’s 12’O clock in midnight! You are alone and watching television in home! Suddenly the front door and windows are thrown against the door frame! You reached the front door to close it and it’s very dark out side!Doors and windows fasten up flopping! In the same time some horror scene coming in television! Then suddenly, Your breath speedup and started shivering! Your heart beat rose! Your muscles tighten! Your body got wet with sweat! After these incidents in your brain some emotion is running and because of that you tensed a lot! A few second later you realized that there is nothing outside, its just wind. Read More

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) has reached an agreement to acquire Rodelle Inc, a premium originator, processor and supplier of vanilla products. Rodelle, founded in 1936 and based in Fort Collins, Colorado, originates, processes and sells premium vanilla products, including organic and traditional extracts, beans, alcohol-free flavour and paste. The company also sells non-vanilla products, including flavourings, extracts, spice blends and organic spices. Rodelle provides ingredient solutions to major food and beverage makers, as well as directly to consumers, with a premium retail brand that can be found in the baking aisle of most grocery stores in North America. Read More

ExxonMobil has increased its estimate of the discovered recoverable resources for the Stabroek Block offshore Guyana. To more than 4 billion oil-equivalent barrels and has advanced its evaluation to support a third phase of development and consideration of two additional phases. The increase follows completion of testing at the Liza-5 appraisal well, a discovery at Ranger, incorporation of the eighth discovery, Longtail, into the Turbot area evaluation and completion of the Pacora discovery evaluation. The previous recoverable resource estimate was 3.2 billion oil-equivalent barrels. Read More


Praxair starts up new air separation plants to supply CNOOC

Praxair Inc has started up two new air separation plants to supply China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). The two plants, each with 2,400 tonnes per day of oxygen capacity, are supplying on-site oxygen and nitrogen to CNOOC to support the company’s refinery expansion and related downstream chemical production. With the start-up of the two new plants, Praxair is now operating a 5,600 tonnes per day production complex, made up of four air separation units. These units are serving a total of nine customers in the Huizhou Daya Bay Chemical Industrial Park, located in Huizhou, Guangdong, China, including the CNOOC and Shell petrochemical complex. Read More


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  1. Gripping, had me on the edge. You’ve got spunk. I’m the next RL Stine and I could use your feedback. Come check on my new short called ItisWritten…

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